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June 8th, 2008


by John Coakley

We all know that plastic water bottles are a colossal waste and that we should be bringing filtered water from home, kept in aluminum or glass bottles, with us when we go out into the world, right? We also know that old habits are hard to shake, and convenience often trumps responsibility—especially when it’s over 90 degrees outside and you want some cold water.

So until we kick that plastic habit, the very least we could do is support The Bigger Better Bottle Bill, which is working its way through the New York State Senate. The bill basically expands coverage of the five cent deposit program to include water, juice and other non-carbonated beverage containers. In the long run, this bill would:

* ensure that more than 2 billion additional cans and bottles get recycled each year;

* help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

* prevent litter in our communities, especially in our parks, beaches, and natural areas;

* conserve natural resources and space in landfills; and

* save tax-payer dollars!

In addition, the updated Bottle Bill would dedicate vital funding from unreturned containers to the State Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) and the Zoo, Botanical Garden and Aquaria program (ZBGA). This could mean more than $180 million a year in new funding for the environment, to say nothing of the myriad critters who make use of that environment. So click here to sign the petition and show your support. It’s quick, painless, and unlike certain water bottles, it won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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