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September 29th, 2003

Steel Couture

by SoHo Journal Staff

Lisa Fortin arrived in New York City from Massachusetts in 1997 after graduating college with a degree in graphic design. She worked the kinds of jobs one only finds in the city?ɂ morbid makeup consultant, 1940’s-style cigarette girl, dominatrix, performance artist, and door girl at the famous Webster Hall. It was while working for Veronica Evenaga of “Blaze New York” that she learned the craft of chainmail construction. In 2001, Lisa established Steel Couture, which remains the current outlet for all her creative impulses. Steel Couture combines the historic with the modern, creating a sense of continuity between the origins of ornamentation and modern day attire. Chainmail and traditional textile techniques are applied to metal; when combined with a current aesthetic, these crafts are rescued from the realm of the museum and are once again relevant. Fashion on the catwalk is Art. Sadly, it is often quite watered-down by the time it reaches the consumer. Steel Couture strives to maintain both costume and everyday fashion as an art form; wearable art that retains, even in it’s most simple form, it’s beauty, vitality, and ancestral roots. For info contact:

“Art incidentally performs the task of preserving, even touching up extinct, faded ideas; when it accomplishes this task it weaves a band around various eras, and causes their spirits to return.”

-Frederick Nietzsche

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