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May 29th, 2008


by Mr. Norman Maine

Available on iTunes,,

New York based singer/songwriter Corey Tut has released his first full-length solo debut CD, Everything, and it’s about time. Tut had been a regular fixture on the New York music scene, fronting a few bands without much luck. Well, Mr. Tut took his career into his own hands and decided to go it alone. This very wise move eventually brought Mr. Tut and the and brilliant producers Super Buddha (Barb Morrison and Charles Nieland) together and they created Everything, an amazing effort worthy of any labels support.

It’s hard to peg where Tut falls in the “who does he sound like” category, so if I had to guess I’d say he’s a little Foo Fighters with a late 90’s bent to his sound. His voice is big, but he maintains prefect control over it. He can growl and scream with bravado and yet pull it back with emotional and rich tones not often heard on a lot of today’s adult pop-rock releases.

The songs are personal journeys and the lyrics lay out a bit of a road map to who Corey Tut is. The writing is smart but not smarmy, personal but not boring or heavy-handed and maintains a sense of maturity…for the most part.

The first track, Someone Else’s Problem, is big, rocking fun; it’s one of those summer songs that make you want to turn it up REALLY LOUD, sing along, drive really fast and give everyone the finger. I’m going to rent a car just so I can do this. A couple of my other personal favorites are Wayside and the title track, two modern and yet timeless power ballads that leave the listener feeling anxious that they are going to end, so you hurry to hit repeat so you can hear them again–think Aerosmith at their very best.

I could live without a couple of the songs here but I won’t list them–you can form your own opinion. I also feel like at times Tut subscribes to the “leave them wanting less theory,” because for my taste this CD could have been a couple tracks shorter, making it a more compact, powerful listen. But I’m nit picking…it’s a tremendous debut, and a first album any artist would envy–it’s an album most of today’s artist should envy. So, if you are one of the aforementioned simpletons from a record company, redeem your soul, contact Tut and sign him. The longer you wait, the more you’ll pay in a bidding war. There is a lot of buzz happening around him online, and as we all know, that’s where everything BIG starts these days!

All I can really say is that finally something I can listen to has emerged from the abyss of pathetic, whining weirdos who inhabit the airwaves and all music television. This guy F’in rocks. So close the porn on your computer, log onto iTunes and buy this, NOW!

Corey Tut can be reached at or at

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