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September 7th, 2007


by You the Reader

Rob Hollander, of Lower East Side Residents for Responsible Development, would like to remind us that even if the media coverage has faded, bedbugs are still a serious problem in New York City. Read on:

Friends and neighbors,

You’ve probably heard that New York City is experiencing an epidemic of bedbug infestations. One of the worst hit neighborhoods is the East Village. Take a look at a map of bed bug reports at

The map relies on self-reporting, so it shows only a fraction of actual infestations.

Bedbugs are extremely difficult to get rid of. The process of extermination can disperse them to neighboring apartments where they stay until your place has quieted down and then re-enter months later. Exterminating bedbugs is expensive as well, and some landlords have refused to pay for it.

The best defense against bedbugs is prevention. Do not bring anything you find in the street home with you. People with bedbugs have to throw out clothing, furniture, bedding, books and magazines. Bedbugs hide in all of these. If you see it in the street, leave it in the street. If you think you have an infested item, enclose it in a plastic bag before you bring it through the hallway and down the stairs, so you don’t spread them along the way to your neighbors.

Here’s another useful site:

Good luck and be careful!

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