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August 2nd, 2007


by You the Reader

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Dear Readers;
From time to time even the very best of us make mistakes; it’s sad, but nothing a bottle of expensive red wine won’t cure. Still, I have to right a couple of wrongs. In the last issue we credited Rumors & Lies to contributor D. Grady, when in fact it was written by the infamous gossip monger, Jack Torrance. Also, we incorrectly listed an address for Gia Bottini, the very gifted photographer who shot that issue’s beautiful cover for us. The proper way to reach Gia (and we hope you do) is don’t make many mistakes or apologize often, so please don’t get used to it. Enjoy this Journal, it’s an amazing issue with a lot of great articles to help you pass the lazy days of summer.

Dear SoHo Journal:

I don’t know what to make of your magazine. I mean I really like it, and it’s FREE but it’s so all over the place. I’m not complaining, just confused. Hampton Politics, The Plunkitt Of Tammany Hall, the Trump piece, and then you switch gears and there’s the piece on the Body Of Art, Larry Kramer and ACTUP, Girls Of The 80’s, [more] Houdini. Just not your usual fare for a “downtown” magazine. I’m in the publishing business as well, and we don’t have the kind of ‘editorial’ freedom you people seem to enjoy…how do you do it, and are you hiring?

John Doe
Times Square Office
New York City, NY

This letter to Newsday is being printed with the permission of the author, Robert Olson, of Westhampton Beach.

Dear Mr. Mancini:

I read with intense interest the article by Joseph Mallia in your publication regarding potential legal sanctions against Durham County DA Mike Nifong regarding his poor handling of the Duke lacrosse rape scandal. I have always maintained that the three Duke lacrosse players falsely accused of raping a stripper was a travesty of justice. Obviously, the lacrosse team displayed extremely poor judgment in putting themselves in a position to be pawns a hotly contested political race. In fact, you may recall printing a letter I sent to that very regard. As a former police investigator who handled many sexual crime allegations, I understand how serious a charge of rape can be both for the alleged victim and perpetrator. Rape is certainly not a charge to be taken lightly. Then again, neither is murder. Right here in Suffolk County, we have an even more egregious abuse of prosecutorial power in the Martin Tankleff travesty of justice. DA Thomas Spota, who the Long Island Press describes as the most powerful person on Long Island, has employed every means he can to subvert justice in the biggest disgrace in the history of Long Island. Fact is, everyone who has any familiarity with the Tankleff case knows Marty is innocent. However, with political protection from your publication, Spota has never been taken to task for his malfeasance. Justice is supposed to be blind and based on facts. Not wily use of legal mumbo jumbo. It should not be dispensed with regard to political expediency with deference for the politically powerful. Who protects us, the public, from the very person who is supposed to protect us?

Respectfully submitted,
POB 212
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978

Dear SoHo Journal,

I would like to express my thanks for last issue’s “The Billboard Wars.”Why a business as profitable as the Gansevoort Hotel should seek extra income by contributing to its neighborhood’s aesthetic decline is a mystery to me. It would be horrible if Hudson Street came to resemble Varick Street near the Hudson Tunnel entrance. If watchful writers like Joelle Panisch and the good people at the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation continue their work, maybe the character of the West Village can be maintained.

Marcellos Santos
Greenwich Street
New York City

Dear SoHo Journal:

I was very impressed by your article about Larry Kramer, the AIDS Crisis and his group, ACTUP. It was straight (excuse the pun) forward and very informative. I especially enjoyed the history of the Stonewall Riots; there were many things there I didn’t know. I appreciate the fact that a magazine like yours would tackle such an issue. Having said that, can the lesbian community look forward to pieces pertaining directly to our concerns? I think a lot of folks focus on gay men and can at times forget that we, the lesbians, are a force to be reckoned with. We generally vote en masse, we have at least the same amount of disposable income as gay men, and we don’t like nor do we ever want to take a backseat to the gays and their specific causes. This isn’t a competition mind you, but politically we need to stand as a group and be recognized. I write because I want to give credit where it is due, but I also want to keep you on your toes and let you know we will be looking forward to continuing coverage addressing our cause!

Peace and Love,
Maria (Mario) Guiterrez
LeRoy Street
New York City, New York

Dear SoHo Journal:

It was good to read your article about Belinda Carlisle, Kim Wilde, and Bananarama. Some people would argue that after a certain age pop stars should hang it up and move on with their lives–personally, I’ve thought that about Ms. Carlisle once or twice–but ultimately, it is heartening to see people evolve and continue doing what they love long after their fame has peaked. What does fame have to do with talent or ability anyway? Not much. As a musician in her 40’s, I for one hope to keep playing for as long as my hearing will allow it! Keep up the good arts coverage. More reading for those of us who don’t really care about the real estate market would make your magazine even better, in my opinion.

Sarah Cohen
Prince Street
New York, NY

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