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August 2nd, 2007


by Delbert Grady

Who could that be? Why, Rockin’ Rove of course (Karl Rove for those who have been on another planet the last few years). Now there’s a guy whose concepts and tactics could make a Nazi cry with joy. Let’s check out a few items:

Number one for me has to be his master plan to create a “permanent Republican majority.”

He should have added “by whatever means necessary,” sort of like in the Third Reich. The curious Presidential election results in Ohio in 2004 comes to mind. Then there’s his “storm trooper” move during the 2000 Presidential election, which comes in as number two. For those who don’t remember, Rove sent “muscle” to Florida during the “hanging chad” recount to derail it – and he was all too successful. There are certainly dozens of other examples, but let’s skip forward to today’s atrocity – that little matter of trying to turn the Justice Department into a Republican partisan stronghold by installing new U.S. attorneys who would “play ball” in prosecuting baseless Democratic “voter fraud” cases and close out investigations into Republican corruption, etc. For instance, there can be little doubt that Rove’s boy Tim Griffin was installed specifically in Arkansas to dig up sealed court document dirt on Hillary Clinton arising from the old Whitewater affair. Griffin had, after all, previously headed the opposition-research operation at the Republican National Committee.

But the larger issue in this U.S. attorney thing is, of course, the insidious infiltration of the 3rd branch of government in preparation for a total power grab later. And further down the list will undoubtedly be other previously “non-political” agencies. As an example, I have an ex-friend who came into the Department of Education as an accountant long ago but moved up rapidly only after Bush came to power and he “joined the team.” The reason he is an ex-friend is that he hung up on me during one of our many phone disagreements about getting into the Iraq war. I’ve long suspected that there may have been other ears on the line and he had to appear totally loyal or face the firing squad.

There can be no doubt that Rove’s tentacles are everywhere under the surface of this sea of shit on which Bush floats. I came across one that got little attention: Executive Order #13422 of 1/18/07, which reads as follows: 6(a)(2)…”each agency head shall designate one of the agency’s Presidential appointments to be its regulatory policy officer….” Talk about putting the wolf in the chicken coop.

So, is this America or what? Have we become a nation of sheep so consumed with our desire to live the “good life” that we don’t notice the slow erosion of our institutions and liberties? The lessons of history are clear – when a public becomes apathetic or looks the other way, the way is open for abuse of power and unchecked chicanery. So far so good for Rove, and it doesn’t appear that he’ll be stopped anytime soon. Make no mistake – his goal is absolute power for his party and crumbs for you and me. And let’s not forget about his boss. But we’ll take a fresh look at him next time.

Editors note: Mr. Grady’s prescription has been refilled and he is expected to recover nicely.

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