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May 20th, 2007


by You the Reader

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(Editor’s Note: This letter, written to a nationally syndicated reporter for Newsday, is being reproduced by permission of the author.)

Dear Mr. Henican:

I am writing this letter to you at the urging of activist Michael O’Neill for Sag Harbor, NY. Evidently, Mike thinks I might actually not be wasting my time but I am willing to try. I am an advocate for Martin Tankleff, a person falsely accused in 1988 (having just turned 17 years old!!!) of murdering his parents. I understand a listener to your radio show phoned in referring to the Tankleff case. Marty was convicted two years later on virtually no evidence of guilt while a much more logical suspect has been ignored by Suffolk County authorities to this very day! Marty, after being thrown in a maximum [security] prison as a mere child, has been incarcerated ever since, serving a fifty years to life sentence. Evidently, there was no media storm to prevent this travesty of justice as there was in the Duke lacrosse rape scandal. At the time, the news gatherers (including Newsday) chose not to let the truth get in the way of a really good story that sold a lot of newspapers. Imagine! A rich, spoiled Jewish Prince from Belle Terre brutally slays his parents because he doesn’t like the car he is driving???? Wow! What’s better than that?????????

Just for the record, I wrote a letter to Newsday protesting the way the Duke lacrosse players were being handled by so-called civil rights groups and by the media early on! Newsday actually printed it!!!!!! It is my belief that those boys, some of whom exercised extremely poor judgement in their partying habits, did not deserve to be found guilty of a gravely serious charge of rape for no other reason than they were rich, white and male. I never thought OJ Simpson should be found innocent of murder just because he was black either. I am a retired state police investigator who has investigated every conceivable type of felony crime including rape and murder. I believe that the accused should only be found guilty based on the actual facts of the case, not for political expediency.

I believe that the Tankleff case has enormous significance in the death penalty debate. The only reason that Marty is still alive to seek his freedom is that there was no death penalty at the time of his original conviction. I can think of one certain Suffolk County District Attorney whose problems would be far less if Marty had already been executed. I would find it hard to believe that you are not familiar with the case of Marty Tankleff but, just in case, you can learn everything that can be found about it on If there is ever a time to strike a blow for freedom and justice, it is now!

Respectfully submitted,
POB 212
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978

Dear SoHo Journal,

I an not SOHO resident, not even USA citizen but from Czech Republic…During my last visit I received a copy of recent issue of your Journal from my daughter who works nearby–in the Little Italy and I really liked it. Congratulations!

On my every New York visit since 1975 many times it is a MUST for me to walk through lower Manhattan , visiting galleries, admiring cast-iron facades, siting in outside cafe’s and of course – shopping! The SOHO district is every year better and better and as a long time.

Mayor of Czech famous Spa city named Marianske Lazn�, I do appreciate very much the communal politicians as well as the residents endless effort to improve the whole area.

I wish the SOHO Journal a long life and success and allow me to say, Trump SoHo is a mistake…

With all the respect,
Lud�k Nosek PhD
Klafs �eska Republika

Dear SoHo Journal,

The Plunkitt of Tammany Hall…who could it be? Will The Plunkitt one day reveal his/herself to the world or will this person be your version of “Deep Throat?” I know the Journal has a long history of creating mayhem and it seems like people all around town are talking about how you’re at it again.What can we expect next from the trouble makers at the SoHo Journal? Keep up the good, work, keeping us guessing!

Dante’ Marino
Spring Street, NYC

(Editor’s reply: Dear Dante’, Thanks for the compliments. We have something new in this issue for you gossip mongers. Check out Rumors & Lies…not only are we chatting about the NYC politicians, we have included a few juicy tidbits about a few Hampton officials as well!)

Dear SoHo Journal,

Good cover. I love Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs. Your magazine doesn’t suck either.

Mini Castavettes
The Dakota, New York, NY

Dear SoHo Gadabout,

Man, you are one crazy Mother F*&^%%$. I tend bar in SoHo, and dude, me and my co-workers are so waiting for you to stumble in and write about us. I’m not going to say where but I know you’ll make it here soon; this is a fun place and you’ll get plenty of good material here. It’s gonna be a little hard to tell it’s you, cause the picture is so small on your page, but we’ll figure it out.

Waiting On You…
Brent and the staff at_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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