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April 10th, 2006

Girlz Go Gonzo! On-Demand with Ripe TV

by Kate Rigg

Hollywood CA: A new breed of wild is coming to Ripe TV–an on-demand channel launching this spring with fast furious entertainment for guys and girls who are looking for a shot of short form high energy shows. “Hot-chicks-doing-crazy-tricks” may seem like a simple enough way to grab viewers. But what makes Gonzo different is the incorporation of spectacular physical feats by a team of girls who are also part time stuntwomen–a Girls Gone Wilder take on the “jackass” formula. Tongue-in-cheek titles for stunts like “Hot Dog in the Hot Pants ” (a relay race that involves hot dogs held tight between butt cheeks) and “Spank the Monkey” (where one girl is literally in a monkey suit) play on sexploitation and femininity by reoccupying a space normally reserved for guys. On the Gonzo Girls team are a professional bull rider, a skydiver slash adult film star, an aerial artist, two pro stuntwomen, and a few crazy chicks willing to do anything to get the shot. Comedy writers Lisa Ann Walter and Kate Rigg teamed up with action sports producer Todd Seligman and Director Jon Vasquez to create a series that gives girls the right to act just as stupid as guys do. Says Walter “We got tired of seeing guys constantly abusing their own bodies and acting like morons to get laughs and shock value. It’s a feminist thing: girls can act like idiots too! We have the right to inflict unnecessary pain and stupidity on ourselves just like the guys. Except, in hot little outfits, with perfect hair.”

Gonzo Girls will be one of the first series of segments which Ripe TV will roll out across their multiplatform media arm which includes television, broadband and wireless broadcasting, and will be the first free, on- demand channel on the cable dial. Already getting three million hits a month before the official launch, Ripe is bringing its’ irreverent programming for short attention spans to Comcast later this spring. You can catch segments of all the shows now at *

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