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April 10th, 2006

Brooke Ellison for New York Senate

by D. Clark MacPherson

While one photo of Brooke Ellison,/a> among those in her campaign material shows her and Christopher Reeve smiling for the audience, it is neither the wheelchair nor the disability that deserves our attention. Naturally, there is a question as to why someone with difficulty just in moving about (she is paralyzed) would want to enter the race for a New York State Senate seat. But, after reading about her and her life, there is no doubt that she has the intelligence and the drive to accomplish her goal.

After having been the victim of an automobile accident at age 11, Brooke dealt with the medical problems and moved on to finish high school and gained early acceptance at Harvard University. She not only finished her degree but graduated magna cum laude; then went on to earn a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. She has also completed the first year of her Doctorate at Stony Brook. During this time, she was the subject of a Christopher Reeve film and appeared on Larry King Live.

So, why is Brooke Ellison running for the State Senate? She wants to create housing opportunities on Long Island; ensure adequate funding for schools; develop feasible transportation solutions; secure open space and environmental solutions; and to embrace the promise of stem cell research.

If you have difficulty believing that someone can accomplish the amazing feats of pure will that Brooke Ellison already has in a few short years–you can certainly understand why she states that her campaign is mainly about overcoming challenges. No one can doubt her word on that. She is living proof of it. Brooke wants to remove the cynicism in politics–which she feels is due to the lack of responsiveness among constituents–to replace this with the drive and inspiration she has exhibited in the success she has shown throughout her life–despite set backs and disappointments. And, there is no doubt that she can accomplish anything she sets out to do. We suggest that you log onto and contribute to the campaign of a woman who will bring drive, honesty and sensitivity to the job of State Senator. *

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