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April 10th, 2006

Mr. West Goes To Albany: a commonsense approach

by D. Clark MacPherson

The upcoming election between Treewolf West and Fred Thiele for the 2nd Assembly Seat election will be interesting and instructive for both Democrats and Republicans. Thiele has been cross-endorsed by numerous Democrats and supported by Rich Schaeffer, the County Democratic Chairman, in past elections. The fact that Schaeffer is the godfather of one of Thiele’s children should not be lost on voters.

Treewolf West, a young man with Native American blood from Hampton Bays, has succeeded in garnering the support of rank and file Democrats; purportedly including Schaeffer this time around (he lost to incumbent Thiele in the last election but with an impressive first time showing and 37% of the vote). The big question for the Democrats this time is whether the party leadership will support their own candidate or find another way to pull a vanishing act at the last minute–with yet another csub rosaross-endorsement of Thiele. Politics, as we all know, is not a game for purists. There are already indications that the Democratic Party hierarchy is planning a variation on the cross-endorsement ploy to support Thiele. This time that could be a serious mistake for county Democrats. The question is this: will the Democrats stop acting like Republicans on the East End and cut the umbilical chord? The people are with West because he is real.

So far, West has also garnered the support of the Integrity Party. This grass-roots political organization is getting its head of steam?Ǭ up and trying to have a positive effect on Suffolk politics by attempting to reform the political process. Many local Hamptons residents have been nauseated by the Crookhaven Politicians (as corrupt Brookhaven was known)–many of whom have been voted out of office–as well as the Heaney group, which still tenuosly controls the Town of Southampton. Thiele seems to be a vestige of the crowd that felt the only way to get a Democrat elected was to make a deal with the Republicans. That era is now over: Brookhaven is now run by a Democrat, Steve Levy is the Suffolk County Executive, and even the Sheriff was supported by the Integrity Party–and won (Vince DeMarco). Tom Suozzi, the Nassau County Executive is also a Democrat.

West is someone worth talking to. He is a young man who understands the issues and knows that change is needed and wanted. He is aware of the fact that education, the environment, affordable healthcare, opportunities for working families, and affordable housing are not just catch phrases; they are needs

According to West, speaking on affordable healthcare, housing and the cost of living for Long Island residents: “It is inexcusable for a society to fail in providing adequate and accessible health care for its hard-working families and senior citizens.

“Our citizens are being forced to leave Long Island because of a lack of higher paying jobs, a lack of reasonably priced housing, exorbitant gas prices, skyrocketing prescription drug costs, a Medicaid-Medicare health plan fraught with fraud and corruption, and outlandish property and school taxes. We must fight to bring fiscal responsibility over our State budgetary process, and put controls on the rising cost of living, to ensure that the citizens do not feel abandoned by their elected officials.”

And with regard to the environment he believes, “Many of our open spaces, bays, estuaries and precious natural resources are being contaminated and consumed by poor developmental planning. I understand the necessity of protecting one of our most precious assets, the environment.

“I will continue the effort to preserve our natural resources. Our citizens deserve clean air and clean water, without worry of contamination.?Ǭ Our families deserve open spaces and recreational preserves to retain the remaining natural environment that makes Long Island so unique.”

Finally, with regard to the working families of Long Island, he reminds us that: “The present lack of tangible employment opportunities for our struggling Long Island population is one of the most serious challenges facing our State today.”

These are local emergencies needing leadership, and above all, energy and commitment.?Ǭ They are issues that affect people’s lives in Suffolk County. “Flip-flop Fred” (Thiele) has talked about these issues–and that is all. West wants to meet with his constituents and get something done for them. With Democrat Sheldon Silver as Speaker of the Assembly, it is also more likely that West may have a better chance at getting funding for local projects.

Treewolf West is a carpenter, an educator, and a writer. He is educated (West has a Bachelor’s and is working on his second Master’s Degree) and is a highly motivated person who understands the concept of Equality of Rights for everyone. His common sense approach to the issues and the difficulty of political life is reminiscent of Jimmy Stewart’s character in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Possessing a sensible but streetwise personality that strongly feels the need for reform, he is willing to take on the incumbent yet again for the good of his people–the people of Suffolk County. To support his campaign visit

Editors note: This is a reprint of an article appearing in the Spring issue of the SoHo Journal. Since then Treewolf has picked up the endorsements of Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who is a candidate for Governor. According to Spitzer, Treewolf is&
A true Democrat with an earnest concern for the working middle-class citizens of New York, Treewolf West will be a tremendous asset to the new team in Albany. Treewolf holds the values, passion and determination necessary to improve the dysfunctional system we presently experience in Albanys capital. I enthusiastically support Treewolf West in his candidacy for the New York State Assembly, 2nd District seat
To contribute to Treewolfs Campaign, kindly mail checks to: Friends For Treewolf West, PO Box 129, Hampton Bays, NY 11946

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