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January 10th, 2006

SAY NO! to Liquified Natural Gas in LI Sound!

by Enviromental Advocates

The Enviromental Advocates of New York have launched an awareness and action campaign regarding the pending Broadwater Energy plan for Long Island Sound.

Long Islanders are facing a dangerous proposal to construct a floating Liquefied Natural Gas factory permanently anchored in Long Island Sound.?Ǭ The project isn’t needed to supply natural gas to this region now or in the future, would be destructive of the environment and would begin the industrialization of this estuary of national significance. The idea to build a floating gas tank?Ǭ in the Sound comes from Broadwater Energy, a partnership of Trans Canada and Shell Oil.?Ǭ Broadwater’s plans are?Ǭ being reviewed by several state agencies, the United States Coast Guard and the Federal Energy Regulator Commission?ɬ an agency with a very pro LNG bias. However, New York’s state agencies ultimately have little say in whether the floating gas tank is sited in its waters.

That’s why it’s important to reach out immediately to Long Island’s Senators and House Members.?Ǭ So far, only Representatives Timothy Bishop and Steve Israel have come out in opposition to the Broadwater Project, as it is called. We want to obtain pre-emptive action from New York’s Senators and Long Island’s Members of Congress.?Ǭ?Ǭ At some future point, we will need to reach out to the New York State Legislature for support of a measure to ensure New York State’s role in the siting review process.

To read Environmental Advocates’ position on Broadwater click here.

To read more about the coalition of groups opposing Broadwater’s plans click here.

Click here to take action on this issue.

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