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January 10th, 2006

Bush’s Roach Motel

by Delbert Grady

You must remember the pitch-“they check in but they don’t check out”. Well, George W. Bush has gone it one better-they check in and a dozen more check out. Yes, I am talking Iraq here.

That turkey we call Mr. President has given Osama Bin Laden a gift. One far greater than if he’d just mailed him a check for the $200 billion or so he’s already spent on this disaster. His gift: total credibility in promoting the “Great Satan” message to the vast hordes of Muslim un-washed. It appears we’re the ones who are going to take the inevitable “bath.”

Let’s start from the premise that any reasonable imbecile with an ear to the ground can understand: the only reason Iraq was kept under control in the first place was with the iron fist of (in this case) Saddam Hussein. Hell, everybody knew that the three major population factions (Kurd/Sunni/Shiite) were at least mutually exclusive and probably far worse, making the dream of democracy more like turning a swine’s fart into My Fair Lady.

Add to this poisonous soup the fact that Saddam released large numbers of prisoners from Abu Ghraib just before we came in-that’s why there was plenty of room for the hundreds we added and then released (once the shit hit the fan about our abuses there). But don’t hurt your brain wondering where all those nice folks might be now; they are small potatoes compared to the swarms of new “enemy-combatants” arriving daily from all over Arabia. It’s Godzilla Jihad!

Bush, moving all those gears and levers from his God-appointed perch, apparently thought he’d get a pass until after the November election in keeping things quiet in Falluja and elsewhere by withdrawing our troops and letting the homeboys run the show. We’re now seeing the delightful way that typically cynical Bush ploy is playing out as our troops face house-to-house combat. Remember all those old Al-Queda training films? Nice going’ Dubya.

All wars being at their root economic, let’s not forget the unstated-but obvious-reason why all this mishegoss [lunacy] was considered necessary: the oil. No, not the oil Iraq produced, the oil Iraq will produce, after the likes of Halliburton and Exxon get through with exploration and development. Undoubt-edly, that’s also the real reason our traditional “allies” didn’t go along for the ride-they weren’t given dibs on these lucrative oil contracts from Bush. Let’s face it, we need all the cheap oil we can get if we’re going to keep all those SUV’S going and avoid a financial meltdown here.

Now let’s look at the bright future: for starters, we probably won’t be able to get out of Iraq for many years without creating even more chaos and danger for ourselves. We don’t have enough troops as it is and most likely, more will be needed there-and elsewhere-in the future (especially considering the “beast” has been so rudely awakened). Can you say d-r-a-f-t? And, irony of ironies, we might never get at the oil either, all the while seeing the number of terrorists increasing dramatically, finding sanctuary, and pouring into Saudi Arabia. After all, it’s only a matter of time until a nice pipeline blow there. So maybe you had better get rid of that SUV now, while you still can (and you might want to spruce up that old fallout shelter, while you are at it). Have a nice day.

Delbert Grady

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