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July 6th, 2005

Women Get Naughty: Talking Dirt in Hollywood

by Kate Rigg

When the comics hit the stage in The Naughty Show, there is no doubt that wild women DO (make you laugh!) Conceived by former adult film director turned crossover indie producer Skye Blue, movie star and comedienne Lisa Ann Walter (Shall We Dance? Bruce Almighty, The Parent Trap) and New York comedy diva Kate Rigg (Chink-O-Rama, Family Guy), The Naughty Show provides a platform for comediennes to venture into territory usually reserved for the guys: sexually explicit material, edgy political rants, lewd jokes, and outspoken points of view. Premiered at the Ivar Theater in Hollywood last December with a team of top comics from New York and L.A, The Naughty Show brought out couples on dates, girls’ night outers, artists and hipsters for a night of no-holds-barred, girl-powered laughs.

Says naughty headliner Lisa Ann Walter (whose own show “Lisa Ann’s Glitzy World of High Heeled Showbiz Glamour” premieres on E! this year), “Women are just not expected to talk about sex on stage. We can talk about babies, being a wife, housework, being single; real old-fashioned moms and pops values. But bust out a vagina joke, and suddenly you’re a radical. I was in The Parent Trap as the Nanny, and now people also have to deal with me doing 20 minutes on lap dancing and blow jobs.” Most comics focus on creating a clean set’ for television. Traditionally, working blue’ limits a comic and shuts down opportunities to perform. But, according to director/producer Blue “The point of The Naughty Show was to allow women the freedom to reflect on sex and profanity and all the things good girls’ aren’t allowed to talk about. What better way to bust open those restrictive edicts than in comedy.”

There are two epicenters in the American comedy universe: New York and L.A. (with Chicago a roving satellite showing up on the radar once in awhile.) “There has always been a rivalry between NY and LA comics, onstage and off. NY will accuse LA comedy of being soft, easy, marketably pedestrian, while West Coast jokers criticize the obscure and snottily intellectual NY comics who take pride in working on the edge of conventional culture. But on both coasts women comics often have to fight for stage time, recognition and suitable venues to hone their craft and represent!’ Challenging our culture’s frequent aversion to loud-mouthed outspoken females, girl comics have the daunting task of not only making people laugh, but also making it OK for women to speak their minds. A few years ago Jerry Lewis asserted that women simply weren’t funny, causing waves of dissent and controversy in the stand up world. Typically the boys far outnumber the girls in any given club, lending weight to Lewis’ turrets-like blurting out of what many guy comics really think when the lineup includes a woman. But times are changing&and The Naughty Show is on the forefront of opening up the stage to brassy sassy bawdy tawdry femme fatales who have had to fight to be heard in a male-dominated profession.

For the first show, a stellar cast was assembled from both coasts, culling from the best clubs talent like: New York’s Robin Montague known for groundbreaking sets on BET and Comedy Central, Showtime at the Apollo and Comic View and The Chris Rock Show and In Living Color; Stella whose domestic diva set has made her A fave at Hollywood’s World Famous Laugh Factory; Shayma Tash, an LA based comic and crackerjack impressionist who worked on WB’s Hype, and regularly appears on The Best Damn Sports Show Period; New York comedy and cabaret star Kim Cea; Rigg and Walter. Rounding out the show was a very buff group of dancers dubbed The Naughty Boys” who danced the comics on and off the stage with a sassy wink wink’ attitude to their go-go moves. Currently in negotiations with national bookers and International distributors, The Naughty Show is gearing up to tour nationally and have the DVD on the shelves this summer. For information on upcoming tours and?Ǭ the DVD launch in New York?Ǭ July 18 (free to all SoHo Journal readers) check their website:

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