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July 6th, 2004

Mermaid Fashion

by C.B. Coakley

By late June every summer our fashion thoughts, and inhibitions, begin to melt. We dress aquatic: Shimmering sequins reflect the sun, chain mail rings allow air to flow, sea shells keep skin cool, body paint is great sunblock and sponges soak up the inevitable summer sweat. Where do we wear this type of eclectic fashion?

The Coney Island USA Mermaid Parade, of course!

After a wet yet exhilarating parade last year, the crowds were out in full force to experience the 22nd Annual Mermaid Parade on Saturday June 26th.

A thousand participants donned their fishy best to march or ride on vintage cars and decorated floats ?ɬ many working for months in advance to create their marine alter egos. SoHo Journal was proud to march along with other Parade veterans as well as first timers. Many folks come dressed to march in this freakish sea life tableau, however we saw more than a few on the sidelines this year. They may have been shy, or put off by the increase in marching fees. When you realize you are able to march down the street, wearing [or not wearing] and saying just about anything you want, with thousands of people paying attention [especially when you throw treats at them] the value of marching seems almost priceless.

The reality is an event like the Mermaid Parade has costs that go up exponentially each year. By buying that?Ǭ t-shirt, paying the marching fee or becoming a ?ɬBig Spender’ by buying a Judicial seat in the Reviewing Stand, you are supporting a not-for profit arts organization.

What other fashion show gives you personal attention from a water arching fire truck at the end of your hot asphalt catwalk?

The next parade is tentatively set for Saturday, June 25, 2005. Check out the winners and buy some Mermaid Parade fashion at

C. B. Coakley

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