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December 21st, 2008


by You the Reader

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Dear SoHo Journal:

All those political know-it-alls you have writing for you over there and not one article on the Presidential election, WTF? Don’t you loud mouths have an opinion, or are you more comfortable just picking on the small time politicians, a council member here, a Hamptons mayor there, are you afraid to take on the big guys? Where’s MacPherson’s opinion on the state of the country, how about Tripp Plunkitt, certainly he’s got a thought or two on the current meltdown, and The Restless Miscreant and The Curmudgeon, those experts on everything must have something to say, or so I thought and then nothing, silence, not an Obama or McCain word to be had from any of you, come on people, I’ve been waiting to hear from all of you, at least a little something on the stock market and oil prices, something, anything, please!

Village Of Southampton

Editors Reply:

Dear Jane,

We take on the little guys to make sure they don’t become big guys. We try and expose a problem in the beginning, not fight it after it has tens of millions of dollars to fight back. And the Curmudgeon and the Miscreant both weigh in on the current situation both nationally and locally. MacPherson and Plunkitt are experts and concentrate on their areas of expertise, a practice I for one wish more people would exercise.

Dear SoHo Journal,

I have never read a more disjointed, insane and absurd interview than the one in your last issue between the SoHo Gadabout and the Naked Cowboy. It’s as though they were speaking two different languages and answering the wrong question. It was really insane and I wonder what the value of this interview was? Now I know the SG has a bit of an interest in drinking and maybe the bus fumes of Times Square have gotten to the Cowboy but wow, these two are real kooks.

Most Sincerely,
Ricardo M.
Minetta Lane, NYC

Editor’s Reply: Hola Ricardo, The value of that interview was to bring to light the works of two great artists, the SoHo Gadabout, the Noel Coward of his time and the Naked Cowboy, a visionary who has captured the hearts, minds and wallets of millions of tourists to our fair city! We love them both.

Dear SoHo Journal,

While walking down the street one day, in the merry month of September, I strolled upon a captivating black and white photo of Patti Smith casually lounging out the back seat of a limo. I was struck by this image and immediately grabbed it. I love Patti Smith. Thank you so much for covering the movie and book on and about Ms. Smith. Because of the SoHo Journal’s article, I canceled my sushi plans and ran to the theater to see this beautiful film on someone I had admired for a long time. I heard for years that a documentary type project was being made of Patti Smith; finally it came out. The next day I made sure I added the Steven Sebring book on Patti to my coffee table. There it sits; and my friends who see it, flip through it and are only impressed by Sebring’s artistic view of an artistic muse.

Thank you again for covering my icon. I can’t wait to see what the next issue of the SoHo Journal will be. I look forward to it. Keep ’em coming.

All the best,
Troy C.
Midtown North

SoHo Journal:

That SoHo Gadabout is a brave, brave man for going so deep into the mind of the Naked Cowboy. Who would have thought that the same man who shakes his butt for tourists day in and day out finds the time to write books expressing his vibrant (if a tad off-kilter) personal philosophy? Not me. The Gadabout (who seemed almost sober for the interview) did a good job of portraying the wacky side of the man as well as the serious—some would say scary—ambition that has allowed him to go so far in the world. Sometimes it’s the ones you make fun that end up inspiring you the most, right?

Take care,
Jacob White
Hells Kitchen, NY

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