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July 1st, 2003

MUSIC: Beta Minus

by James Connelly

There’s something about a three piece band that I’ve always admired.

From Rock’n’Roll’s earliest days, four plus band members has always seemed to be the norm. It’s almost as if our brains have been trained to look at the three piece band as if something’s missing. When I first heard the music of Beta Minus I heard full on, balls out Rock’n’Roll. When I walked in on one of their practice sessions and saw that they were a three piece, I was doubly impressed.?Ǭ Immediately, bands like Cream, early Grand Funk, and (sometimes) Motorhead came to mind. As I sat listening to them play, a number of other bands came to mind. All of them are bands that I like. Thankfully, the list was diverse enough to tell me that these guys had a sound of their own.?Ǭ It was a sound that I liked, and one that I wanted to hear more of.

Beta Minus is Sam Rasiotis on guitar and vocals, Marc Zbyszynski on bass and backup vocals, and John Coakley on drums. I couldn’t help but enjoy myself as they played through their current list of original music, beginning with “Thin Hours”, “Hangover Club”, “Wire”, “I’ll Bring a Camera” and then playing “Favorite Catastrophe” before taking a break.

During the break one of my first questions was, “Do you have any shows coming up?” Of course I needed to know for this review, but I must add that I really look forward to seeing these guys play out.?Ǭ As of this writing, they have two shows lined up.?Ǭ One is at CBGB’s, and the other is at the La Vuelta. I highly recommend seeing this band. They’re also working on a new CD and website at

After the break I got to hear two more songs, “The Problem” and “Tension Points.” I liked what I heard from beginning to end. I look forward to seeing them around town as they play the local clubs. Their music is just what the doctor ordered to add some much needed balls to New York City’s rock scene.

-James Connell

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