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July 1st, 2003

MUSIC: Hate In The Box

by James Connelly

The first time I saw Hate In The Box play live was at the Limelight?Ǭ in 2001.?Ǭ I’ve seen them several times since, at the China Club, at the East Village Club Pyramid, and at CBGB’s 313. Each time I was blown away not only by the energy coming from the stage, but also what I saw in the audience. Women. Beautiful women by the dozen. From the spikey leather clad young vixens you’d expect to find out clubbing in NYC to successful 20 and 30 somethings.

The look and sound of this band appeals to a wide variety of tastes, probably due to the wide variety of influences. Keyboards by composer and mad scientist, Optimus Crime, that could be part of a horror movie soundtrack. Heavy metal and punk style guitar and bass riffs, a danceable, industrial/techno beat and the alternately screaming and throaty vocals of frontwoman, Rainbow Blight, give this band a sound all their own.

Their look, I must admit, follows a certain formula. Take one part Dr. Frankenstein, one part “Mad Max” character, one part belly dancing “Bride Of Chucky”, add a whole lot of sex appeal, stir until your hands go numb and you’ve got a pretty good idea of the Hate In The Box stage presence.

As I write this, I’m listening to an advance copy of their latest release, “Razorblade Fairytales”. I love the fact that I’m tapping my foot to music that doesn’t fit into some neat, easily defined category. These aren’t a bunch of gen Y-ers trying to emulate the punk era, or, worse yet, trying to combine it with pop. Nor are they a bunch of sweater clad, cappuccino sipping snobs whining and sniveling about anything and everything and calling it art.?Ǭ No, Hate In The Box are too busy creating the next big thing. Rock and Roll needs a kick in the ass and Hate In The Box are just the band to do it.?Ǭ Wanna talk about female empowerment? Listen to “Little Match Girl.” Have issues??Ǭ Check out “Porcelain.” Think love hurts? Listen to “Candy Coated Razor Blades.” Songs like “Bloody Ballerina” and “Papercut Kisses” leave me wanting more and more of this band. “Malevolent Symphony” and “Cannibal Love Song” among others help to fill this void, but still I want more.

I highly recommend you get out to their next show. Better yet, get the CD “Razorblade Fairytales” and hear for yourself. When your friends come across it in your collection and ask you what kind of music it is, just shrug your shoulders, put it on and watch as yet another convert is made.

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