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July 1st, 2003


by You the Reader

Good Day.
I wasn’t sure where I should send this communication so I hope this goes to someone who cares.

Maybe I just need to vent. I have so much to say. My husband owns a business on West Broadway- first point. I’ve grown up here all my life, and now I’m almost 41. I live here in the very same building as one of our community board members.
My issue is this….I see how your article is concerned with traffic issues as well as environmental issues. I own a motor scooter…not a motorcycle. This vehicle is wonderful in terms of environmental concerns…it uses minimal gas (I can fill it with about $3.00…today’s prices) and it will go about 80 miles on that. It doesn’t block cross-walks, it doesn’t take up much space, and more and more people have them these days. We should all learn from the Europeans who use these vehicles regularly. My problem is…I am NOT ALLOWED to park it in front of my car in my paid for parking space under my building. I am NOT allowed to pay a small monthly fee to put it in my garage in a corner. It is easily moved if need be. I’ve parked it on the streets as a proper owner should but I’ve found it literally picked up and moved, knocked down, and hit by god knows what. I have since taken to parking it on poles, attached by a cable…but even this maneuver isn’t safe…..garbage trucks have backed into it, people have still hit it (mind you, I keep a cover on it).
With all of this concern for reducing pollution, traffic, and increasing pedestrian safety….why doesn’t someone come up with a plan to encourage the use of scooters and enable us to park safely? I see huge SUV’s with one person driving about, but I cannot park my economically space saving vehicle anywhere safely. I think this is a tragedy. Someone should declare a zone for parking this somewhere. In Italy, they are parked all over the place and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. And overseas I’ve NEVER seen scooter gridlock!
Thanks for listening to me. This is something that has bothered me for quite some time and your article prompted me to shout out.

I am writting you with a heavy and angry heart. If you ever walk past Howard St. and B’way you notice the old bank with a little park in front with a bunch of really tall trees. I work around the corner from there. Today to my shock and awe, they CUT ALL THOSE BEAUTIFUL TREES DOWN!!!
Why? What else…….to make a 20 floor office building. First Canal Jeans and now this. SoHo just lost it’s last green, not to mention killing trees that were at least 100 years old.
SoHo is changing for the worse… and now with no trees.
Jason T.

Dear Soho Journal:
To the guy with the jeep outside of the Quogue Market on Sunday morning, April 27.
Yeah, the jeep you left running. With the young 5 or 6 year old child in it. We are talking to the person wearing the baseball cap who, after being told, ?ɬ´hey, you left your engine running, and your kid is in the car’ didn’t respond, just shopped. OK, you went out to check, and came back in to shop some more. When my husband, who spoke to you as a concerned fellow parent, even though you wouldn’t respond, went to check after you did, he was hoping you had at least turned off the engine and taken the key, since you obviously hadn’t taken your child back into the store with you.
Nope, what he saw was your child in the front seat, the drivers seat, playing while the engine still ran with the key in the ignition. Was the child even buckled up in the first place? A casual Sunday in the Hamptons shouldn’t mean lax safety for your child.

Dear Soho Journal,
The residents of Howard Street and Mercer Street below Grand Street are every weekend faced with rampant criminal activity that severely affects the quality of life for them. The 1st precinct seems unable to deploy the necessary recourses to control a ?ɬ´thieves’ market that sets up on the sidewalks of the short stretch of Howard Street between Mercer and Broadway on Saturdays and Sundays.
Gangs of thugs who break into cars in the neighborhood for the property they can steal and then sell on the street mingle with vagrants who bring shopping carts full of discarded items as well as drug users and alcoholics who bring merchandise either found or pilfered all selling to the abundant and unaware (for the most part) passersby. They threaten residents, leave mountains of garbage, and urinate by the dozens in the surrounding doorways as well as run a highly organized fencing operation of merchandise unloaded from vehicles in the early hours of Sunday mornings when the streets are empty.
This blatant criminal activity has gone on for most of the past 10 years, under the noses of both the 1st and 5th precincts. There have been some periods where after much community complaint the police have cracked down on this affront to everything that ?ɬ´quality of life’ means in New York City but it has never been consistent or effective.
We hope that by bringing the attention of your readership we can build some awareness of the issue, which will hopefully embarrass the necessary officials into taking determined action to halt this activity. In the meantime, encourage all who reside in and care about Soho who have walked by cars with their windows smashed or know someone in the neighborhood who has had their property stolen in such a manner to participate in becoming more informed and bringing public pressure to bear.
We thank you for bringing attention to this matter.

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