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October 16th, 2008


by Jo Panisch

In the ten years since it was established the Jo Strømgren Kompani has become one of the most celebrated contemporary dance, theater and performance companies in Norway. With its success, it is difficult to imagine that it all was birthed from Jo Stromgen’s bedroom that he converted into an office for he and his group of “absentminded members.” Armed only with imagination, passion, and ambition the troupe founded the company on a distinctive humor and artistic diversity that has proved effortlessly relatable, gathering acclaim from both audiences and critics along the way. The Jo Stromgren Kompani now tours 35 countries around the world.

A society of sworn coffee drinkers gather for their daily ritual. However, the harmony is broken by a horrific incident – the discovery of a used teabag. As the investigations unfolds, one question is inevitable. How far are they willing to go in order to track the traitor down, smoke him out, and bring this evil act to justice?

The performance follows the JSK style of nonsensical language theatre mixed with dance and live music. The main object on stage is a coffee machine. Other than that – a chair, a telephone, a lot of coffee cups, and a creative assortiment of interrogation tools.
The isolated conflict between drinkers of coffee and tea in a micro world is of course open for interpretation by audiences. JSK always try to mirror the macro world by scrutinizing basic elements of contemporary phenomenas. In our turbulent times the average citizen is ever more tempted to accept torture, surpression of minorities, and other violent means in order to restore order and avoid a clash of civilizations. Can theatre contribute to change this? JSK neglects any responsibility to join that debate. Meanwhile the company just continues its fart-in-the-universe quest to pinpoint utterly sad human behaviour.”

The Society
October 16-19, 2008

Thurs.- Sat. 8:30pm, Sun. 6:30pm
Harry de Jur Playhouse of the Abrons Art Center,
466 Grand St
(212) 352 3101
Tickets $25
For special ticket deals click here.

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