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April 1st, 2004

The Imperial Prig and the Impotent Wuss

by Delbert Grady

These United States came into being largely because of the fortitude and forthrightness of its leaders who fought tirelessly against the forces of tyranny. With that as our backdrop, let us examine a recent event involving none other than George W. Bush, current captain of the ship of state, and Richard Gephardt who, of course, wanted to lead the crew in mutiny come this November. Strange, then, this tale in which the mutineer meekly surrenders his weapons, bowing and scraping, to Bly.

The distressing scene apparently took place at one of Bush’s “breakfasts”, early-morning meetings held at the White House ostensibly for the purpose of bringing leaders of both the Democratic and Republican parties together for better communication, starting precisely at 7am and ending precisely at 8am no matter that somebody might be in the middle of a sentence. It seems that it was in just such a circumstance that the hapless Gephardt appeared on the scene with his suit jacket draped over his arm, apparently his most comfortable attitude. The Miscreant will now relate his perception of what the verbal exchange might have been like, stripped of the actual civilities as reported by Senator Tom Daschle in his book “Like No Other Time”.

DUBYA: “Where do you think you’re going like that, Gephardt? Put your coat on!”

GEPHARDT: “But George, I’m uncomfortable that way.”

DUBYA: “Listen, we all have our problems but you know the rules here. Hell, I only put on the cowboy shirts and boots for the schmucks so they’ll think I’m just a regular guy. So get on the stick, Dicko, and put on the damn jacket NOW!”

GEPHARDT: “Yes sir.” Well, shame on both of them. Shouldn’t we expect our leaders to have graduated from kindergarten? I’d love to see John Kerry in that situation. I don’t wonder that his response might have been:

KERRY: “Hey George, maybe you can get away with that emperor crap with your minions, but I’m not one of them?ɂJam it!”

-Delbert Grady

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