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April 29th, 2003

Drama Queens

by SoHo Journal Staff

The Drama Queens, a female drag queen performance art trio, were born three years ago, as a response to the lack of a truly entertaining women’s theatre scene. “We wanted to be fun, not laborious, and address issues of gender and sexuality with playfulness, as opposed to hitting the audience over the head with a message.”

Comprised of Big Mama Drama: Mother Maude Melby, Ms. Mocha LaTe (pronounced like the coffee drink), and Sugar “Shock” Rose, each of these larger than life characters has their own distinct personality, taken from a part of the performers’ own personality, and blown up into full drag queen glory. The trio sings, dances and lip-synchs, creating over-the-top scenarios and bawdy comedy. “We never take ourselves too seriously! We’re out to create the best possible time for our audiences; everyone should be allowed to play with who they are and feel free to express themselves in any way they want to!”

The Drama Queens have been performing at Meow Mix and at the Stinger Club in Williamsburg most recently.

Call the info hotline – 212-592-9756 for more information about their engagements, or visit them on the web at -SJ

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