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April 29th, 2003

Hamptons Politics – Tim Bishop

by D. Clark MacPherson

After a very close election, Democratic candidate Tim Bishop, the former Provost of Southampton College, emerged as the victor in the election for Congress on Long Island. To all of us, there are several hopeful signs as a result of this political success.

For Hamptons residents, there is the expectation that the grip of the Republican/Conservative power structure is weakening in the Hamptons, a traditionally Republican stronghold. Many Hamptons insiders describe Grucci, who Bishop defeated, as being virtually a gangster. The most heinous campaign mudslinging by the Grucci camp involved accusations that Bishop was lax in his vigilence of attempted rapes at Southampton College under his watch.

Clearly, Grucci’s lies came back to haunt him.

The election of a Democrat who headed a school with a longstanding committment to the Arts and is well known for it stance on Ecology, also bodes well for New Yorkers. The committment to the protection of the environment is near and dear to the hearts of Hamptons residents and New Yorkers who summer there, as is the protection of open space.

We do not yet know what Congressman Bishop’s views are on important issues for non-resident taxpayers and homeowners. Can we expect his attention to the issue of a Hamptons Advocate or the right to vote in local elections, which would protect the rights of non-resident taxpaying homeowners? Should there be oversight of the Civil Rights record in the Town of Southampton? What about affordable housing that never materializes or the lack of diversity in Town employment? Are the local Justice Court Judges and the Police on the East End up to the educational standards that we have come to expect of a World Class Resort like the Hamptons? We suspect that a person whose career has been devoted to the business of learning will be interested in issues affecting the disenfranchised. He will be in a position to comment and take action in Congress.

We are very happy to see a Democratic candidate succeed in an election that focused more upon the need for supporting a war, than upon the need to support civil rights, the needs of senior citizens, and the need to protect our environment. We congratulate the new Congressman and we hope to meet with Tim Bishop and give our readers an update later this year.

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-D. Clark MacPherson

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