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July 17th, 2008


by John Coakley

It’s nice working in SoHo, especially since that means you don’t have to deal with as many weekend tourists looking to snag that elusive boutique bargain before giving up and heading down to Canal Street to buy a bootleg Louis Vitton bag. It’s nice to have the sidewalks be relatively free of traffic as you meander to work.

Apparently it’s a good thing that there wasn’t much traffic on the corner of Grand and Greene Streets today because otherwise I might not have missed this gaping hole in the street. Damn. That would have hurt.

Just a couple of point to make here:

1. Why pink marble? Does someone in the City government have a cousin who stole a couple of tons of this stuff from a construction site? Are the kitchens of a few Trump SoHo apartments going to have to make do with inferior quality counters now?

2. Why isn’t there any cement binding these stones together? It’s just dirt there in the picture. That’s it. Add a few thousand Escalades trying to get to the Hudson Tunnel each night, and you have some loose slabs that any enterprising thief could steal and sell to his cousin who works in construction.

3. Why hasn’t anything been done? Does the City want to be sued by an angry tourist? Are they really that masochistic? Do them a favor and call 311 and make some noise about this busted little corner of our neighborhood.

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