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May 31st, 2008


by Joelle Panisch

Speaker Quinn’s office confirmed yesterday that cigarette butts containing the suspect’s DNA and additional physical evidence were found at the rape scene in Soho on Wednesday, May 28th.

Early reports stated that the suspect had asked the 19-year old victim for a cigarette before following her to her Prince St. building, forcing her inside, and raping her. Authorities now confirm possession of the cigarettes, as well as physical evidence found on the girl during examinations at Bellevue hospital. Continue Reading »

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May 30th, 2008


by John Coakley

Keep your eyes open, people.

This is a sketch of the man who raped a 19 year-old woman on Prince Street late Wednesday night. The pock-marked suspect is in his 20’s. He’s about 5 feet, 9 inches tall with black hair and a medium build; he was seen wearing a blue New Era baseball cap and a dark colored backpack.

Anyone with information is urged to call (800) 577-TIPS.

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May 30th, 2008


by John Coakley

Thanks to Mommy Poppins for the heads up.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium, coined the term Manhattanhenge to describe the twice yearly phenomenom of the setting sun aligning perfectly with the NYC street grid. The sun shines perfectly down the streets, illuminating every single cross-street in Manhattan. Here is what Mr. Tyson has to say about the best way to view this uniquely NY event:

“For best effect, position yourself as far east in Manhattan as possible. But ensure that when you look west across the avenues you can still see New Jersey. Clear cross streets include 14th, 23rd, 34th. 42nd, 57th, and several streets adjacent to them. The Empire State building and the Chrysler building render 34th street and 42nd streets especially striking vistas.”

Arrive a half-hour earlier than 8:16 p.m. – when the full sun can be sun just above the grid – in order to ensure a good spot. And all you budding photographers out there, please stay off the roads if you can help it. Yes, that is the best way to get a good shot but grumpy motorists trying to get back to Long Island don’t really care and may hit you. You’ve been warned.

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May 30th, 2008

WIRE @ PIER 17: 5/30/8 @ 7PM. FREE.

by John Coakley

When they started out in the UK back in the 70’s, Wire was one of the punk bands to work within the “no boundaries” framework, as opposed to the “let’s wear swastikas to piss off our parents and not learn how to play our instruments” framework. It certainly worked for them; their album Pink Flag is considered a classic of underground music, and has influenced everyone from R.E.M. to the Cure to Guided by Voices to Black Flag to Blur to Bloc Party. Wire still brings a cool ferocity to their music, and they’re going to be playing outside for free, as the first River to River show of the season. This wouldn’t happen in the town you moved here from, so take advantage of the City’s still magnetic pull on the arts and go.

Time: 7:00pm
Date: May 30, 2008
Location: South Street Seaport, Pier 17
Price: Free

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May 29th, 2008


by Mr. Norman Maine

Available on iTunes,,

New York based singer/songwriter Corey Tut has released his first full-length solo debut CD, Everything, and it’s about time. Tut had been a regular fixture on the New York music scene, fronting a few bands without much luck. Well, Mr. Tut took his career into his own hands and decided to go it alone. This very wise move eventually brought Mr. Tut and the and brilliant producers Super Buddha (Barb Morrison and Charles Nieland) together and they created Everything, an amazing effort worthy of any labels support.

It’s hard to peg where Tut falls in the “who does he sound like” category, so if I had to guess I’d say he’s a little Foo Fighters with a late 90’s bent to his sound. His voice is big, but he maintains prefect control over it. He can growl and scream with bravado and yet pull it back with emotional and rich tones not often heard on a lot of today’s adult pop-rock releases. Continue Reading »

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May 29th, 2008


by Joelle Panisch

A 19 year-old woman was raped after being followed from the subway early Wednesday morning. According to police it was approximately 4:00 AM when the woman, returning from her job in Brooklyn, got off at the Spring St. station at Sixth Ave. The assailant followed her out of the subway, reportedly asking her for a cigarette before following her back to her Prince St. apartment building. It was there that the suspect threatened her with a box cutter, pushed her into the courtyard of her building and raped her.

The victim was reportedly taken to Bellevue hospital and later released. Police are still investigating. Surveillance video from the woman’s apartment shows the attacker to be a stout, African American male with a black cap, and a bright blue jacket. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly described him as having a “pockmarked face.” Continue Reading »

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May 29th, 2008


by Joelle Panisch

Like a menacing dream, Joachim Trier’s Reprise is the racing yet graceful tale of self-actualization. Befitting its Norwegian setting, the film sails between moods as the main characters deal with love, depression, mental illness, ambition, and unfulfillment–all embellished by punk rock undertones. The style is distinctly French New Wave, a throwback to the movement’s originator, Jean-Luc Godard, whose films Vivre sa vie (My Life to Live) and Bande a part (Band of Outsiders) are distinctly reminiscent. Trier seemingly doesn’t fear being labeled unoriginal and in that way Reprise felt refreshingly original. He was able to pay homage to Godard while creating a work that was masterful and unique in its own right.

The film begins as Erik (Espen Klouman-Hoiner) and Phillip (Anders Danielsen Liedrop), lifelong friends and budding writers, drop their manuscripts into a mailbox and bask in a moment of self-aware beginning. They see their successes as brilliant cult writers unfold in a hip fantasy sequence (voiced by unseen narrator Eindride Eidsvoll), only to flash six months ahead and find that things turned out quite differently. Continue Reading »

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May 29th, 2008


by John Coakley

Electronic music composer Charley Hustle gave himself a challenge: write, perform and record 5 songs in 5 days. One day, one song – he had to stop by the stroke of midnight. Then he put the songs out there on the interweb for free. Very nice of him, especially since these atmospherically accessible songs would be well worth paying for.

Tonight he teams up with Jazz trumpet innovator Mark Rapp and his band to see what happens when live musicians play the songs. The performance is free, too. Charley may Hustle, but he sure doesn’t swindle. Thanks for the generosity, dude.

Charley Hustle w/ The Mark Rapp Group
5/29/8 @ 9PM
Rockwood Music Hall
196 Allen Street
between E. Houston and Stanton

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May 28th, 2008


by John Coakley

For his 30th birthday, Slawomir Elsner’s father gave him a 1976 issue of the popular weekly Polish magazine, Panorama. For each issue from 1976, Elsner selected and painted two images such as advertisements, news reports and fashion layouts, creating a total of 104 paintings in the series plus 26 paintings of the Girl of the Week section of the magazine. These works have been collected in a gorgeous new hardcover book; the artist will be on hand to sign copies and to present an exhibition of a new series of works called Night After Night. Definitely worth checking out.

Slawomir Elsner: Panorama
Thursday, 5/29/8
Marc Jancou Contemporary
Great Jones Alley (off of Great Jones Street between Broadway and Lafayette)
New York, New York 10012
T. 212 473 2100

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May 28th, 2008


by You the Reader

From the good folks at Advocates for Children’s Health Affected by Mercury Poisoning (A-CHAMP).

Act now to stop the worst vaccine law ever proposed in New York since the invention of the mandatory schedule. Assembly Bill 10942 would make all vaccines recommended by the CDC mandatory for all children to attend school and, and for the first time vaccines would become mandatory for infants and toddlers.

The bill was introduced in Rules Committee at the request of Richard Daines, the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health. The Rules Committee in the personal committee of the Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan).

A-CHAMP is calling for rejection of this bill and is demanding the passage of A5468/S3031, a bill that would give individuals a right to a philosophical exemption from vaccine mandates. This is no time to transfer vaccine decisions away from individuals and elected officials answerable to the voters and give it to obscure bureaucrats with financial ties to the vaccine industry.

Here are a few features of the proposed bill: Continue Reading »

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May 28th, 2008

NYCOSH AWARDS CEREMONY: 5/29/8, 6-8:30pm.

by Joelle Panisch

We all gab about ‘giving back’ but how often do you really get to help those who help you?

The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) is a non-profit dedicated to stopping occupational injury. NYCOSH fights for the rights of workers by educating, advocating, and helping to pass legislation. They are safety and health experts committed to standing up for the little guys. NYCOSH also continues to lead the fight in compensation for the World Trade Center workers who suffered injuries as a result of their efforts. Very cool.

The award ceremony will be held at the United Federation of Teachers May 29th. Honorees include M. Patricia Smith of the New York State Department of Labor Commissioner and Gary La Barbera, President of the Joint Council 16, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, New York City Central Labor Council and El Centro de Hospitalidad. The recipient of the 2008 Karen Silkwood Award will be Paul Stein, Council Leader and Health and Safety Chair, Division 199, New York State Public Employees Federation, and Chair of the PEF World Trade Center Committee. The Local Union Recognition Award will go to the Local 372, District Council 37, AFSCME. A Special Recognition Award will be given to the United Church of Christ, National Disaster Ministries.

These are serious do-gooders who deserve recognition. And by supporting them you’re also giving back to truck drivers, carpenters, electricians–you know, the ones who help you out when you need it. Join in the festivities and make a donation; it feels good.

NYCOSH Awards Celebration
52 Broadway by Rector Streeet
Thursday May 29th, 6- 8:30pm
New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health
116 John Street, Suite 604, New York, NY 10038

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May 27th, 2008


by Andrew Berman

Community Board #2 Institutions Committee
Public Hearing on NYU’s Plans for the Provincetown Playhouse and Apartments, 133-139 MacDougal Street
Wednesday, May 28th
6:30 pm
(Note new location:) NYU Law School Vanderbilt Hall
40 Washington Sq. So. (at MacDougal Street), Greenberg Lounge

After initially proposing to demolish the entire building at 133-139 MacDougal Street, NYU has since modified their plans to demolish the building while retaining the four walls and entryway facade of the Provincetown Playhouse theater, which consists of the first floor of the southern fourth of the building. Thus NYU’s current commitment is to preserve about 1/16th, or 6%, of the facade and volume of the existing building.

This is an important step in the right direction, and GVSHP is pleased that NYU has now recognized that the Provincetown Playhouse Theater is a remarkably important part of our city and country’s history, and must be preserved. This change in plans is an important victory for efforts to preserve our neighborhood and our city’s history and cultural legacy.

However, NYU’s latest plan not only leaves many important questions unanswered, but still entails demolition of the remainder of the building, which is also of exceptional cultural and historic significance. Continue Reading »

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May 27th, 2008


by Joelle Panisch

A water main break once again took hold of a New York City neighborhood, this time at West 4th and West 10th Streets late Saturday night, around 11pm.

According to a bulletin sent out by Speaker Quinn’s office, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) was at the site immediately, followed quickly thereafter by by the Dept. of Buildings, the Dept. of Environmental Protection, the FDNY, the Dept. of Transportation, the NYPD’s 6th Precinct, and Con Edison.

Basements flooded, raising structural concerns and resulting in the evacuation of 11 of the downtown buildings. An estimated 120 resident were displaced and the Red Cross joined the scene to help situate people who needed housing. Continue Reading »

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May 26th, 2008


by Ed Gold

Marie Passannante-Derr.

The early entry of Marie Passannante-Derr into the contest to fill the 3rd Councilman seat–which will be vacated by Speaker Christine Quinn in ’09–complicates a race that already had highly contentious implications.

Derr, the niece of the late liberal assemblyman Bill Passannante, became conspicuously enamored with the family name when she ran successfully for chair of Community Board Two several years ago, possibly feeling the first pangs of political ambition.

She faces an invigorating experience since her likely primary opponents are making news almost every week as community activist leaders.

That would be Andrew Berman, the everywhere executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, and Brad Hoylman, who doubles as Democratic district leader and current chair of CB2. Continue Reading »

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May 25th, 2008


by John Coakley

It was 2005 and Tod A. had had enough. The former bass player for local noise rockers Cop Shoot Cop and then leader of klezmer/world/punk collective Firewater had just weathered crises both personal (divorce) and shared (Bush’s “re-election”). A lot of us said we’d head for the hills if George took office for a second time, but Tod actually did it. He wasn’t too happy with our fair city’s increasingly bright and shiny sheen anyway, so traveling across the Indian sub-continent and up through Pakistan and parts beyond made perfect sense. With a laptop and one microphone, he recorded whatever sounded interesting along the way. This went on for a couple of years.

Now Tod is back, and so is Firewater. Their new album, The Golden Hour, mixes the indie rock and klezmer with bhangra and other influences, to exhilarating effect. The lyrics and voice are still wonderfully 90’s in their cynical, damaged way – think Afghan Whigs or Sebadoh – but the music’s happy/sad tug of war makes things a little more complex, a little more mature. Firewater is known to put on one hell of a good live show, and openers Skeleton Key are no slouches either, so do yourself a favor and go to the show and make Tod feel welcome in his once and returned hometown. We’re better off having him around.

Skeleton Key/Joro Boro (DJ Set)
Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey St
Monday, 5/26/8
Doors 8pm

Get tickets here.

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May 24th, 2008


by John Coakley

Exodus 3:4, 2007 by Lisa Roy Sachs at Luxe Gallery.

Visit Lower East Side art galleries for free every last Sunday of the month. This month’s walk stops at Bridge Gallery, Miguel Abreu Gallery, Luxe Gallery, Gallery Bar, Lisa Cooley and more. Plus you’ll get a free gift from the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Nice.

Starts at 1pm at the Lower East Side Visitor Center at 261 Broome St. (Between Allen and Orchard Sts.) Reservations recommended.

To RSVP call 212-226-9010 or email

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May 23rd, 2008


by John Coakley

New pets, freshly wrapped and ready to go.

Need a new pet? Sure ya do. There’s always room for one more bowl on the floor, right? So come on down to Whiskers Holistic Petcare, where the Humane Society of New York is going to be hosting adoptions. Free coffee will be provided to help you make the right choice.

Pet Adoption
Saturday, 5/24/8
235 East 9th Street
New York, New York 10003
1-800-WHISKERS (1-800-944-7537)

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May 23rd, 2008


by John Coakley

The Brooklyn Bridge celebrates its 125th birthday this weekend with a whole bunch of free events; click here for the list. So take a walk over the bridge tomorrow evening and take in the sights – but don’t be a tourist and walk back before you hit Brooklyn. Instead, take the stairs down and go to the outdoor screening of It Happened in Brooklyn (1947), a snappy musical starring Frank Sinatra as a Brooklynite returning home from the war. Jimmy Durante and Peter Lawford are along for the ride. Two historic short films–Panorama from the Tower of the Brooklyn Bridge (1903) and Manhatta (1921)-will open the show. And there’s free popcorn. And the view from the park is absolutely stunning. Go.

Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park – enter at Main Street
DJs at 6pm
Film starts at 8:30pm

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May 22nd, 2008


by Joelle Panisch

On Tuesday, May 13th, two busloads of tenants’ rights activists made the long trek from New York City to Albany to support the repeal of vacancy decontrol. The group showed solid fortitude as they stood with Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assembly Members to declare the passage of A. 7416 (Rosenthal, Silver), a bill designed to rescind vacancy decontrol.

Vacancy decontrol has been plaguing NYC tenants since it was first passed in 1971. It allows landlords to deregulate rent-controlled apartments once the tenants occupying them move out. New tenants are no longer ensured regulated rents nor a promise of rent renewal. In addition to making New York City unaffordable for the working class, these laws encourage eviction and tenant harassment. Continue Reading »

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May 22nd, 2008


by John Coakley

Drink up, take a shot, get judged!

Like anything else involving alcohol and being a smart-ass, it started in Williamsburg. The Williamsburg Spelling Bee, hosted by musician bobbyblue (not a mistake – he claims creative license) and comedian Jennifer Dziura, has been going strong for four years now. So they’ve decided to cross the river to the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe and see if Manhattanites know how to spell. The three-strikes-and you’re-out policy is a lot more lenient than what you had to face back in the sixth grade, and the cash bar will help keep you loose. You know that all of those Park Slope McSweeney’s types will be eager to see downtown folk slip up, so bring your A game, people.

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

126 Crosby Street (one block east of Broadway between Houston and Prince)
W, R to Prince; B, D, F, V to Broadway/Lafayette; 6 to Bleecker
(212) 334-3324

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May 21st, 2008


by John Coakley

Simone, 2007, by Lilya Corneli.

This exhibition showcases a number of innovative European photographers, including Michel Comte, GABO, Billy & Hells, Jens Nagels, and Lilya Corneli, who took the above photograph. As the name suggests, sensuality is the name of the game. Not so unusal a subject, but the range of techniques and styles on display here is something to behold. And on a practical note, isn’t it nice that some galleries choose to stay open not only past 6pm, but seven days a week as well? Are you listening, Chelsea?

BOUDOIR – A Hint of Sensuality
Through 6/10/8
LUMAS New York
77 Wooster Street
Monday-Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 11am-8pm, Sunday 11am-7pm
Tel: 212.219.9497

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May 20th, 2008

BIG-TIME SALES IN SOHO AND THE L.E.S: 5/20/8 – 5/23/8.

by You the Reader

Fornarina fabulosity.

Thanks to the good folks at Daily Candy for the heads up.

What: Araks
Why: A whopping 90 percent off comfy bra and panty sets, swimsuits, camis, and ready-to-wear.
When: May 22 & 23. Thurs., 8:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.; Fri., 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
Where: 137 Grand St., b/t Crosby & Lafayette Sts., 5th flr. (212-982-5652).

What: Suite Orchard
Why: First-ever for the LES boutique and sister designing duo. Save 75 percent on Cacharel, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel,Loeffler Randall, Sue Stemp, Corpus, Twig, Valentine, and their own Soni & Cindy line.
When: May 20-22. Tues. & Wed., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Thurs., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Where: 134 Spring St., b/t Greene & Wooster Sts., ste. 301.

What: Fornarina
Why: Up to 75 percent off spring and summer apparel like belted racer-back jumpers, tanks, and peep-toe pumps.
When: May 20-22. Tues. & Wed., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Thurs., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Where: 134 Spring St., b/t Greene & Wooster Sts., ste. 301 (212-219-9077).

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May 17th, 2008


by John Coakley

Meshell Ndegeocello is perhaps best known for her duet with John Mellencamp on “Wild Night.” But she is a musical force all her own, mixing R&B with Jazz, Noise Rock, Hip Hop, and whatever the hell else she feels like doing. She plays a mean bass and is responsible for Bitter, one of the best “I’ve just been dumped and no one feels my pain” albums ever.

Trixie Whitley
is the opening act. She is the daughter of Chris Whitley, a restless spirit of a blues man who shared Meshell’s omnivorous musical appetite. Trixie learned to play drums at 11 and has been through music, DJing, acting and dance and has only now reached her twenties. Should be interesting to see what she is doing now.
map & direc

Early Show
Meshell Ndegeocello in Arthur and The Coopers 7:30
Trixie Whitley 6:30
Mercury Lounge
217 E. Houston St. (corner Ave A & Houston)
Box Office Hours for no-fee advance tickets: Mon-Sat, Noon-7 pm

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May 16th, 2008


by John Coakley

Kites are something we should never grow out of. Like ending sentences with prepositions, or sentence fragments. Seriously, this promises to be a great way for everyone who claims North Brooklyn as home to get the kids out of the house and get flying. Live entertainment will include The Hungry March Band, I.S. 318 Marching Band, Bubble do Beatles, Audra Rox, Lulu and the Amazing Jeske, Greenpoint Shotokan Karate and Metro Dance. There will be delicious food and goodies on hand at the “neighborhood cafe”, and a kite hospital for your injured flyer. And it’s free.

Saturday, 5/17/8
Noon – 5pm
Rain Date June 8th
@ McCarren Park
North 12th St. @ Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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May 15th, 2008


by John Coakley

Bikes rule. So do intact skulls, so wear a helmet, doofus.

This Friday is National Bike to Work Day. There are all kinds of reasons to bike to work Here are just a few:

* Less air pollution. Every gallon of gasoline we burn creates about 20 pounds of climate change-causing CO2.
* Shaping up. Casual biking burns about 173 calories per hour.
* Money. A typical U.S. family spends nearly $8,000 per year operating a car, while a bike might cost $50 for an annual tune-up.

And the most important reason: the more people who start riding bikes to their jobs, the smaller the percentage of people riding bikes as their jobs. Why does that matter? Because messengers and delivery folk are the ones most likely to give everyone else a bad name by going the wrong way down one way streets, running red lights, and giving pedestrians heart attacks by coming within 1/32 of an inch of us. I said most likely, not guaranteed, so all of you safety-minded pro bikers please put that angry-letter-writing-energy into getting your less responsible peers to grow up. And that is today’s rant. Thank you so much.

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