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October 19th, 2008


by John Coakley

The Division of Housing and Community Renewal is the organization that is supposed to enforce our city’s rent control regulations. Clearly, they aren’t doing the best possible job. Rent stabilized or rent controlled apartments are becoming more and more scarce while market rate apartments get more expensive, giving the lie to the belief that too much of the one increases the price of the other. So join Housing Here and Now in protesting the DHCR at their offices this Tuesday. On the agenda:

.Public DHCR Meetings in all the Boroughs
.Establishing community advisory board for DHCR
.Fighting landlord harassment of tenants
.Defending affordable rent laws
.Stopping illegal rent increases
.Enforcing building codes for livable conditions
.Responding to tenant complaints

All pretty reasonable requests, if you ask me. You should go.

10/21/8 @ noon
Manhattan DHCR Office
25 Beaver St.
4,5 to Bowling Green, or R,W to Whitehall

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October 18th, 2008


by John Coakley

Richard Phibbs, Puppy in a Box.

With the national and civic economies getting weaker by the day, it’s good to remember that arts funding is often the first to be cut. Which is all the more reason to attend the Children’s Museum of Art’s charity auction on Monday. Hosted by the always classy Iman, art has been provided by both up and comers and established artists, including Andy Warhol, Bruce Weber, Russell Young, Sol LeWitt, David Salle (who has created a piece specifically for this event), Jordan Eagles and Yoko Ono. Well worth considering.

Monday, October 20th
Phillips de Pury & Company
450 West 15th Street, 3rd Floor
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Live Auction starts at 7:30 p.m.
View the art here.
Buy tickets here.

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October 17th, 2008

ZOMBIECON: 10/18/8.

by John Coakley

Is it Halloween yet? No, of course not. Does that mean we can’t get dressed up like zombies and go drinkin’ all over town? No, of course you can. As long as you sign up at Zombiecon, that is. Like my old college friend Melanie said when she tried to teach a few of us belly dancing, “There are no observers—only participants.” That means we can not tell you where the zombies will congregate, shop, and drink. You must sign up online and pledge to be a zombie to get that itinerary. So call up that make-up artist friend of yours you haven’t spoken to in years, promise him your Near Mint copy of Fangoria #3, and get decked out in your grisly best. The rest of us can only hope to be so fortunate as to sight a few zombies as we go about our business tomorrow. Remember: zombies can only be felled by head trauma or fire. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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October 15th, 2008


by Jo Panisch

“You’re not asking the people if they want term limit extensions? Not cool, Mike. Now give me a fish.”

Criticism gets increasingly vocal as opposition to Mayor Bloomberg strengthens. On Tuesday the Working Families Party delivered a petition to Councilman David Yassy to sway his undecided vote on Mayor Bloomberg’s appeal for a term extension. The WFP, officially not opposed to ending term limits as long as it goes to a public referendum, has organized a massive grassroots petition rallying support.

This comes after an array of nasty allegations were made against the mayor, including a letter to the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board asking them to conduct an investigation into whether the Mayor made unethical deals with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and former term-limits advocate Ron Lauder.

Tuesday Bloomberg gave a press conference intended to pacify concerns, but got agitated when a journalist asked him about any misconduct in both lobbying City Council members and alleged attempts to sway votes by threatening committee positions. Continue Reading »

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October 15th, 2008


by John Coakley

The perfect lunch break: warm weather, Vietnamese sandwiches, and a brisk walk to City Hall to tell the powers that be that they still answer to you.

Supposedly, tomorrow will be the last day of 70 degree-plus weather. You know what that means, right? Yep, it means you eat lunch outside. Outside as in while you’re walking to the Public Hearing on the extension of city electoral term limits. Even if you like Bloomberg and his perhaps unconscious (Billionaire status has got to mess with your head, folks) goal of turning Manhattan into the exclusive home of the top economic 1%, you have to admit that his wanting to skip the referendum process is a little scary. So that’s why you’ll be wolfing down that delicious Paris Sandwich Bahn Mi as you work your way down to City Hall to speak your mind, presumably along with hundreds of other pissed off New Yorkers. You really should go.

Public Hearing
City Hall – City Council Chambers, 2nd Floor
Thursday, 10/16/8 @ 1pm.

4/5/6 to City Hall or the 2/3 to Park Place or the R/W to City Hall or the J/M/Z to Chambers

Bring ID to get through the security guards on Park Row or Broadway.

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October 10th, 2008


by You the Reader

What if it was Bush asking for a third term?

Thanks to The Brooklyn Optimist for the heads up.

cc: Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Council Speaker Christine Quinn

Ronald Lauder

Dear Council Members:

What if President Bush had decided to amend the Constitution so that he could run for a third term? Surely, since 47 out of 51 of you are Democrats, this notion must be pretty frightening. Yet it is this concern that best sums up why we oppose the proposal before you to extend term limits.

Whether term limits are good for New York City is not an issue we care to argue. In the past 15 years, the voters of our City have twice decided that philosophical debate for themselves. In fact, it is as a result of their decision that most of you owe your current jobs. But now that you are on the verge of having to relinquish your power to a new generation of leaders, many of you are having second thoughts.

Surely, you can’t expect voters to interpret your motivations to extend term limits as anything but a self-serving power grab. Every dictator in world history faced with term limits has argued at the last minute of their reign that the political climate is so serious the people must keep them in power or else fear ruin. Well, New York City didn’t buckle when Mayor Giuliani tried to stay in office after 9/11. Now, we ask you to show the same courage and stand up to Mayor Bloomberg.

The people of New York need your help as City Council Members to protect our vote. The major newspapers, so many of our elected officials, and even Ron Lauder, once the foremost champion of term limits, have all abandoned us or cut backroom deals. You’re the last hope of the little guy. If you really think that New Yorkers want this change, then put Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal back on the ballot for referendum and let us decide.

We 35 members of the Brooklyn Democratic County Committee ran for office to be the voice of our neighbors and our communities. We thought you ran for office for the same reason. Here’s your chance to prove us right.

Sincerely, Continue Reading »

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October 10th, 2008


by You the Reader

Rudy didn’t want term limits. What more do you need to know?

Thanks to Rob Hollander and for the heads up.

In 1993, New Yorkers overwhelmingly voted for terms limits—two four-year terms for elected officials in New York City. In 1996, New Yorkers voted again to keep term limits, and keep them at just two terms.

No matter how you feel about term limits, one thing is clear: it’s OUR decision, not the politicians’. If they want to change term limits, it should be done the fair way, by asking the voters’ permission.

But a new bill introduced in the City Council would do just the opposite. The bill would ignore the voters and give politicians a third term (the same politicians who will vote on it).

City Hall needs to hear from you. Sign the petition and make your voice heard.

You can also see where your Council member stands, see a term limits time line, tell a friend, and see who we are.


The Committee on Governmental Operations, chaired by Council Member Simcha Felder, has scheduled two public hearings on this matter. Continue Reading »

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October 9th, 2008


by John Coakley

Oceanblue Divers is hosting a benefit for ocean advocacy organization Oceana ( and the Women Divers Hall of Fame Scholarship fund this Saturday. Five-time Emmy winning underwater filmmaker Stan Waterman will be the guest of honor. A raffle and silent auction will be no doubt be enlivened by the one hour open bar at the beginning of the evening. This is a worthy cause and it should be a fun night; you should go.

By the way, be sure to visit Oceana’s website to vote for the world’s freakiest fish. My money’s on the Vampire Squid.

Oceana Benefit Gala
199 Bowery (at Spring St)
$45 in advance, $50 at the door
Get tickets here.

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October 8th, 2008


by John Coakley

John Lennon would have turned 68 on October 9th, and to commemorate the occasion his widow and longtime creative partner Yoko Ono & Bag One Productions are presenting the largest collection of Lennon’s works ever assembled. Imagine Peace: A Look into John Lennon’s Life Through His Artwork has traveled around the world for 15 years, garnering record crowds and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. The
exhibit features Lennon’s characteristic drawings in hand-signed pieces and limited edition prints, as well as serigraphs, lithographs, copper etchings and aqua tints; all are available for sale.

Christmas is not that far off, folks. I’m not sure how much these pieces are going for, but I’ll bet you can find a few nice ones for less than the price of a Lexus. That way when those horrible holiday Lexus ads—you know, the ones in which a J. Crew model man surprises a J. Crew model woman with a giant gas guzzler wrapped in a bow—start airing you can proudly say, “Screw you, Lexus. I got my wife an original John Lennon drawing for Christmas and the money went to Meals on Wheels, not J. Crew on wheels.” That is true: the suggested $2 door admission does in fact go to Meals on Wheels, so even if you don’t buy anything you’ll still be helping out. Which is something that Mr. Lennon would have certainly appreciated.

Happy Birthday, John. You are missed.

Imagine Peace: A Look into John Lennon’s Life Through His Artwork
Open House Gallery
201 Mulberry Street (between Kenmare and Spring Streets)
10/09/8: 9-5
10/10/8: 12-9
10/11/8: 11-8
10/12/8: 11-6

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October 6th, 2008


by Jo Panisch

Executive Director of the New York Civil Rights Coalition Michael Myers and New York State Senator Eric Adams

More than fifty impassioned protesters gathered at the steps of City Hall on Sunday to protest Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement that he will seek a third term through special legislation by the City Council. This controversial move was ignited by the current financial crisis, says Bloomberg, and his belief that his longstanding business experience is what the city needs to help withstand it.

Those gathered had differing opinions on Mayor Bloomberg and his economic prowess. Many even took opposing positions on term limits, some supportive of third term legislation. However all protestors agreed that Mr. Bloomberg’s petition for an extended term through the City Council undermines the democratic process, calling it nothing short of decree and self interest in extending his own tenure.

“What do we want?” the assembled chanted, “Democracy!”

According to a poll taken by Quinnipac University on July 16th the electorate opposed extending term limits for Mayor Bloomberg by a margin of 56% to 38%. However, since this question has changed from theoretical to actual, results have shifted. In a poll conducted October 3rd the opposition has dropped to 42% with support of a third term rising to 54%, so to see him remain in office. This contrasts a poll questioning the basic concept with a margin of 65% to 29% percent supporting the notion of term limits.

Extending the term limit to three terms has been put to vote twice before, in 1993 and again in 1996. Both times New Yorkers rejected it. Continue Reading »

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October 3rd, 2008


by John Coakley

As always, thanks to Rob Hollander for the heads-up.

Even if you want Mayor Mike to have a third term (And no one’s judging you, even if you are the Northeast regional manager of Rite Aid and love the way rising rents are pushing out mom and pops to make more room for chain stores like yours. Bastard. Okay, I’m judging; sue me.) you have to admit that it’s a little scary how the two referendums from 19993 and 1998—you know, the ones in which we said we want term limits—are being ignored. Not nice, Mike. Your “at least he isn’t Giuliani” points have now officially run out.

So join up with your fellow citizens and The People Have Spoken Coalition to let the man know that his arrogance has not gone unnoticed. We need to speak up to make sure that what we’ve already said twice before gets respected.

Rally Against Overturning Term Limits
10/5/8 @ 2pm
City Hall
260 Broadway, between Chambers and Warren

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October 2nd, 2008


by Jo Panisch

Edun’s Prism Cap dress. It looks even better if you have a head.

Samples for Ecompassion is a sample sale of many coveted brands that also aids a good cause. Oh my.

It benefits the non profit Somaly Mam. It is an organization committed to an issue that we, as New Yorkers in the 21st century, are privileged to know little about—slavery. Slavery, or human trafficking, is often a thriving trade in underdeveloped countries that slide under the global radar. Somaly Mam hopes to end the silence by promoting awareness and involvement through the news media and Internet communities. The organization has also funded shelters throughout Cambodia and Southeast Asia to rescue and rehabilitate victims of this unconscionable practice.

The downtown sale is for a good cause and there are discounts up to 80% off on brands like Edun, Theory, DVF, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Vince. Not only do proceeds benefit Somaly Mam, but with each sale a tree will be planted. An opening party featuring a Somaly Mam book signing and photo exhibit will go down tonight from 6-9pm.

We at the Soho Journal publicize things like this because we believe in the power of working for causes outside of yourself. In any country, in any economic environment, this would still be a good cause. So do something positive for the world and your wardrobe and buy some jeans!!

Samples for Ecompassion

10/2/8 – 10/5/8
Opening Party 10/2/8 6-9pm
2 Great Jones St. (between Broadway & Lafayette)

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September 29th, 2008


by Jo Panisch

Susan Goodman Komen and Nancy Goodman Brinker

The story goes that Nancy G. Brinker, at her dying sister’s side, promised that she would do everything she could to prevent the breast cancer that eventually would take her sister’s life from plaguing other women. Nancy kept her promise to her sister, Susan G. Komen, and in 1982 started the foundation in her honor. It began as a Race for the Cure and became something of a movement.

Through grass roots efforts, the foundation has reached out to millions of women and found a community that wants to reach back. Though a cure has not been found the search continues. And with the generous donations the foundation has allotted to patients and survivors, quality treatment has been made accessible and early detection has become a national campaign. Thanks to Nancy’s efforts many woman have been spared the agony that her sister faced. The Susan G. Komen foundation has raised over one billion dollars and impacted countless lives.

October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and many companies are on board to help. For the fifth year Energizer Batteries have donated proceeds from sales and offered complimentary spa services to survivors. This year they teamed up with designer Stephanie Johnson to create an exclusive pink cosmetic bag. The bag is available by mailing in proofs of purchase from Energizer battery packs, and for every bag redeemed Energizer will donate $1 to the organization, up to $15k.

Big companies have big money and should always be doing more. So let’s encourage the ones who do help and celebrate their charity. For ways that you can donate click here.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure
1-877 GO KOMEN
For more information about these promotions visit

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September 26th, 2008


by John Coakley

The New York State Division of Housing & Community Renewal’s housing code currently contains an unfortunate/intentional (you pick) loophole that allows landlords to demolish rent-stabilized buildings even if they are not unsafe to live in. This is a loophole that needs to be closed because it has been used repeatedly to kick people out of buildings in order to allow construction contracts and big rents to move in. Fortunately, the code is about to be revised but, unfortunately, real estate lobbyists have the ear of the DCHR and its Commissioner, David Fewer. So print out the letter below (or write your own) and send a copy to both:

Governor David Paterson
633 Third Avenue
NY, NY 10017


Mr. Gregory Fewer
Gertz Plaza
92-31 Union Hall St.
Jamaica, New York 11433.

Be sure to include your address, either as a letterhead or under your signature. The letters must be received by Tuesday, 9/30/8. The apartment you save could be your own. The letter follows: Continue Reading »

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September 23rd, 2008


by Jo Panisch

In an effort to raise funds and awareness, All For Africa is hosting a night of boxing and glory.

All for Africa, or “A4A,” is a non-profit organization with its head on straight. Instead of delegating funds to supplying crisis materials or healthcare, A4A believes that the best way to aid the ailing nations is to fix the underlying economic problems by contributing to the private sectors in strategic and sustainable ways.

For instance the Palm Trust Campaign invests donated funds to the development of the palm oil trade, which spurs the economy, increases jobs, and returns considerable profits. These earnings then go into trusts that will delegate the money to schools, villages, and clinics. It is a sound and long term investment. Each tree planted can produce palm oil and thus return profits for about 30 years. Essentially A4A is teaching the country how to fish.

The boxing event is being held at Hammerstein Ballroom and will no doubt be a great time. If the energy in the air only half matches the passion behind this project then the night will be a success.

Jeff Johnson, Chief Correspondent for BET, will host the evening and the main event will feature Eromosele Albert vs. Ossie Duran for the IBF All African Light Middleweight Championship. Grammy award winner and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Youssou N’Dour will perform as well. Expect the unexpected.

All For Africa
KnockOut Poverty Event
Hammerstein Ballroom
Doors Open and Reception at 6:30pm
Boxing and Entertainment 7 – 11pm
Tickets $2500-$1000
Attire: Business Casual
(212) 351 0111
To RSVP click here or for more information email Diane Burstein.

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September 19th, 2008


by You the Reader

An email from Andrew Berman, Executive Director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation:

“I have some important news regarding the Trump SoHo ‘Condo-Hotel,’ and the fight to prevent more such developments.

Trump: Last week it was revealed that the Department of Buildings (DOB) approved an additional, 43rd floor for the 454 ft. tall Trump SoHo ‘Condo-Hotel.’ However, a review by GVSHP of DOB’s records shows that the developer has recently submitted permit applications referring to a 44th floor, one floor even higher than DOB already approved. GVSHP has written to DOB to express outrage over the approval of the 43rd floor, and questioning the new reference to a “44th floor.” We have urged DOB not to approve any additional height for the building, and to rescind the existing approvals. We have also filed a Freedom of Information request to review all of DOB’s relevant files for the project, to uncover and refute the Department’s justification for approving these permits in the first place. Continue Reading »

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September 17th, 2008


by Joelle Panisch

New York is famously a city of ‘haves and have-nots’ with the ‘have-nots’ so often without a voice. City Harvest is a non-profit organization that listens to the poor and salvages the excess from those who have so much. Founded in 1982, the organization collects unused food from restaurants and redistributes it to the city’s homeless. Now with costs rising to extremes and more and more of our neighbors joining the already over one million hungry citizens, it is a vital time to contribute.

Thus, volunteers organized FOCUS: An Auction of the Finest Photography. It is a soiree featuring some of the New York’s most renowned “haves” donating their time, art, and money to produce an auction with proceeds benefiting City Harvest. The event will feature auctions of collectible fine art photography including works by greats such as Barry Wentzell and Danny Clinch, live music by the Bacon Brothers, and ‘eats’ prepared by celebrated chefs. It’s a worthy cause that will bring not just philanthropy, but awareness.

The auction committee includes Whoopi Goldberg, Harrison Ford, Uma Thurman, Kevin Bacon, Susan Sarandon, Rachel Ray and more.

For the complete auction catalogue click here.

FOCUS: An Auction of the Finest Photography to Benefit City Harvest
Thursday September 18th, 2008
Skylight Studios, 275 Hudson Street
7 – 11pm
Tickets are $200 online ($250 at the door)
(917) 351 8719

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August 29th, 2008


by Lawrence Pfeil Jr

In large social environments, inevitably a central gathering place develops where its members can come for safety and support, to share information and ideas, to organize and strategize, to plan and build, to celebrate and mourn. Through the ages that place has varied greatly- prehistoric fires, ancient temples, medieval castles, Elizabethan taverns, a colonial tree, settlement houses, southern black churches-but its intrinsic function has remained the same: to foster a sense of common unity, of community.

For the past 25 years New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Community Center has been doing just that…and much, much more. Continue Reading »

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August 27th, 2008


by Mr. Norman Maine

A.P.O. Marmol, A.P.O. Frederick, and Sgt Sterling.

When I was asked by the editor to write a piece about the New York City Police Department Auxiliary Police I thought to myself, ugh, a story about more dogooder, Barney Fife wanna-be’s: booooring. But being the kind and open-minded individual that I am, I agreed to do it.

I met with Mauricio J. Marmol, who was kind enough to stop by the SJ office, drop off some materials on the Auxiliary Police and sit and talk with me for a few minutes.

Well, It’s a good thing I listened because I was amazed at what he had to say about this largely unnoticed and obviously under appreciated division of the New York City Police Department. Continue Reading »

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August 27th, 2008


by Joelle Panisch

Mr. Berman’s office is on the second floor of a quite remarkable building. Ernest Flagg designed the Beaux-Arts style structure in 1901. It now stands with a rustic white facade and burnt-red door, and when you walk in an elegant staircase regally welcomes you. It once housed the Rector for St. Marks Church but now is home to the Neighborhood Preservation Center, as well as Andrew Berman.

It’s an appropriate space for Berman, Executive Director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation since 2002 and the foremost leader of neighborhood preservation crusades. He, like the building, is rich with New York history. Raised in the Bronx, Mr. Berman explored the city from a young age with his father, a traveling hardware salesman. He grew entranced with New York’s charismatic architecture and the personality it evoked, seeing the city as a living entity that jokes, hustles, and weeps with its inhabitants as much as it houses them. He fell in love.

In college Andrew nurtured this affection by majoring in in art history. He found he had an affinity for something else as well: activism. According to Mr. Berman, he spent more time “rabble-rousing” than studying. That proved to be okay. Continue Reading »

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August 24th, 2008


by John Coakley

The day after Frank Bango started mastering his hook-filled second album, The Sweet Songs of Decay, he was diagnosed with cancer. Since Bango, like most musicians, lacks health insurance, this was doubly bad news. Fortunately, his friends are trying to help by putting on a show at the Bowery Ballroom. And what friends he has—Richard Buckner is a master of low, gravelly-voiced folk music that is as sad as it is smart, while former Luna members Dean & Britta make dreamy, elegant pop music that would be perfect background music in any decent coffeehouse. This is a good one, folks. Don’t miss it.

Frank Bango Bone Marrowthon with:
Nada Surf (acoustic), Dean & Britta, Richard Buckner, Sam Champion and special guests
Bowery Ballroom, Doors 7pm 18+
Get tickets here or at the Mercury Lounge Box Office.

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August 22nd, 2008


by John Coakley

Little known fact about New York State: women are allowed to be shirtless anywhere that men are allowed to be shirtless—the beach, the park, the street. Who do we have to thank for that? The Top Free 7, a small group of ladies from my hometown of Rochester (former home of Susan B. Anthony) who took the matter to court. So why don’t we see more ladies letting it all hang out? There are tons of reasons, mostly involving harassment of one form or another. Society, by and large, isn’t ready for it yet. wants to push things forward by staging topless protests all across the country tomorrow. In some of those cities folks will likely be arrested, but not here. That’s a good thing, if you ask me. Pervy voyeurs should remember that this will likely be a realistic range of boobs on display, so ogling would not only be rude and hostile but not at all what you see on the interweb when your boss leaves the room. More fun could be had at watching the inevitable arguments between offended American tourists and supportive German tourists. Bring popcorn.

National GoTopless Protest Day
8/23/8 @ Noon
Central Park
Merchants Gate at Columbus Circle
(59th Street at the corner of Central Park West and Central Park South)

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August 13th, 2008


by Joelle Panisch

Councilmember Rosie Mendez addresses the crowd.

City Hall Park was resounding with chants of protest Tuesday morning as gatherers rallied at the building steps against phony demolition regulations. Led by councilmember Rosie Mendez, the rally included close to a dozen high-ranking officials and advocacy group leaders.

The assembly came about an hour before the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) heard testimony on the unlawful use of the demolition clause to evict rent-stabilized tenants. The clause was instituted to protect renters from bodily harm due to unsafe conditions in buildings that are beyond repair. However landlords and developers have been abusing the law’s unspecific language to evoke the demolition clause with the actual intent to oust low rent tenants and create profitably luxury housing.

All this technicality is over the definition of demolition. “Demolish means razed to the ground,” Mendez said with the support of the crowd. Continue Reading »

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August 6th, 2008


by Joelle Panisch

After many sour fights against city agendas, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation applauds the City for their formal request to convert 75 Morton Street into a public school rather than sell it to developers. This,in no small way, is also the result of months of letters and requests from concerned neighbors and parents that the building be saved.

75 Morton was built in 1919 as an office building and a warehouse. With this endorsement from the City, the State should grant its proposal. However, due to the rapid rate of development in the area surrounding the building, there is increased pressure to sell the site as well.

Make your voice known and come join the GVSHP August 6th at 5:30 pm in front of 75 Morton Street and Greenwich Street to rally to save the school!

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August 4th, 2008

AMY RAY @ HOUSING WORKS: 8/6/8 @ 7:30PM.

by John Coakley

Amy Ray, a.k.a the Indigo Girl who sounds like she could probably kick your sorry ass, is a hero to all kinds of people – folk music fans, lesbians, feminists, and anyone who appreciates rough, soulful voices that are the complete opposite of the studio-perfected dreck that kiddie pop stars and kiddie emo bands alike shove down our ears every day.

Her third album, Didn’t It Feel Kinder, is being released on her own not-for-profit label Daemon Records, which has championed such great underground band as The Rock*A*Teens, Cordero and The Ellen James Society. She’s a good fit for The Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, for which this show is a benefit. Yeah, it’s a little pricey, but Housing Works does good work for folks with AIDS and your chances of seeing Amy Ray in a venue this intimate again are pretty slim. Go.

Amy Ray
8/6/8 @ 7:30pm
Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
126 Crosby Street
Get tickets here.

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