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January 29th, 2009


by John Wegorzewski and Edward Callaghan

Councilwoman Anna Throne Holst and Town Justice Andrea Schiavoni.

While much of America watched with pleasure as President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama swirled around the dance floor at one of the 10 parties they would attend that night, several hundred revelers at The Southampton Inn’s Inaugural Ball cheered with enthusiasm and rattled noisemakers. It could just as easily have been a New Year’s Eve party for all the joy this traditionally Republican town took in laying aside partisan politics and coming together in celebration of the dawning of a new era.

Gordon Herr, himself the newly elected Chairman of the Southampton Town Democratic Committee and Grania and Tip Brolin, organizers of the gala along with Dede Gotthelf Moan, owner of the Southampton Inn, warmly greeted the almost 300 black tie and begowned partiers who braved the ice and sub-freezing temperatures to be part of a historic celebration. Continue Reading »

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January 23rd, 2009


by John Coakley

Achilles resides at 555 Hampton Road in Southampton Village. On 1 /19/2009 at 12:30 pm Achilles escaped underneath the fence with a larger female pit mix, “Egypt.” Egypt returned 2 hours later without Achilles. This was unusual because the two of them have escaped in the past and returned together. So keep your eyes peeled, people. There is a $500 reward for the safe return of this beautiful dog, but frankly, just getting him home to his obviously worried people would feel pretty darn good. Seriously, you wouldn’t have to do any more good deeds for at least a month.

Name: Achilles
Sex: Male
ID Chip: None
Collar: 2 Canvass Royal Blue & Brown Leather with tags
Vaccinations : All up to date
Disposition: Friendly
Weight: 40 pounds
Breed: Doberman Pitt mix
Age: 1.5 years
Color: Rust
Reward: $500.00

Contact Information: 631-484-7059 or 631-259-2188

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January 16th, 2009


by You the Reader

Rhonda Liss.

While parties and fetes will have our nation’s capitol in celebrity and limousine gridlock on Tuesday, January 20, 2009, The Southampton Inn-located in the heart of the historic village-will be the setting for a jubilant, East End style Inaugural Celebration in honor of President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joseph Biden, as well as two newly elected local leaders: Town Justice Andrea Schiavoni and Town Councilwoman Sally Pope. The Southampton Inn is located at 91 Hill Street in Southampton Village.

The Southampton Town Democratic Committee will host the evening of music, dinner and dancing to celebrate the tremendous efforts of the East End community in helping to elect the new leadership for the country. Organizers hope all who are interested, regardless of political party, will join in this celebration.

Guests will gather for cocktails followed by a seated gourmet dinner featuring a special menu prepared by Brian Naylor, Executive Chef of OSO, The Southampton Inn’s new acclaimed restaurant that was recently named Best New Restaurant in Dan’s Papers annual Best of the Best.

The evening’s entertainment includes Gospel, Jazz, Latin, Folk and Popular musical performances, highlighting not only the diversity of the country but that of the East End as well. Continue Reading »

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January 16th, 2009


by Denise Civiletti

Marty Tankleff.

Thank you to Denise and Times/Review Newspapers Corp. for giving us permission to reprint this article.

The notorious criminal case of Martin Tankleff, the Belle Terre teenager convicted in 1990 of murdering his parents early in the morning on Sept. 7, 1988, ended without real resolution last December, when the state attorney general announced he would not seek a new trial of Mr. Tankleff.

His conviction had been tossed out in 2007 by a state appellate court after nearly 20 years of maneuvering by a team of believers who never gave up hope that justice would be served.

But the attorney general’s investigation and report did not exonerate Tankleff. It simply found that while there was “some evidence” that the youth committed the crimes, it was too old to form the basis of a new prosecution.

Marty Tankleff won his freedom. But justice was not served. The killer or killers of Seymour and Arlene Tankleff walked away.

A recently released book about the investigation and prosecution of the Tankleff case portrays the Suffolk County criminal justice system—police, prosecutors and judges alike—as a corrupt good ol’ boys network far more interested in protecting each other’s hides than pursuing truth and justice. Continue Reading »

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December 31st, 2008


by John Coakley

Have fun out there, kids. Just remember that aside from Halloween, New Year’s Eve is the night when homeless folks are most likely to be physically abused and assaulted by drunken idiots. If someone asks for change, did deep so that person can get off the street tonight. Just sayin’.

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December 25th, 2008


by John Coakley

A stable economy wouldn’t hurt either.

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December 23rd, 2008


by D. Clark MacPherson

Henry Paulson: A good man to know if you happen to own a bank.

When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty.
— George Bernard Shaw

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.
— Aesop

As the Hamptons economy burns, the Southampton Town Board fiddles, the real estate industry implodes, Suffolk County D.A., Tom Spota arrests people. It’s not bad enough that Henry Paulson is saving his buddies at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley—by dishing out billions from under the TARP to cover them for the losses that they created by handing out mortgages to anyone breathing—now Spota’s Economic Crimes unit is busy trying to criminalize the people who accepted the largesse. The bogus paper known facetiously as CDO’s and SVI’s—debts that were bundled into securities by thirty year olds pulling down $5 million dollar a year bonuses at Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns. One thirty year old from Merrill Lynch recently commented that he left the company with $20 million in cash and his only heartburn comes from trying to figure out how not to pay taxes on it.

You think he has a mortgage to worry about? Continue Reading »

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December 17th, 2008


by Sean Jaeger

The Great Wall Street Panic of 2008 should have taught us all some very valuable lessons. Lesson number one should be to forget about all those people on Wall Street and in Washington, on television, and in the newspapers telling us everything is going to be all right and we should just hold on tight.

Just who do you think was selling all those stocks flushing the Dow Jones average down the toilet to levels not seen in years? That’s right, the very same people telling us not to panic. The rats don’t want us to panic because they want to get off the sinking ship first.

The lesson is, don’t just stand there; panic. Panic first, panic fast and panic often.

Simply put, the guy who panics first gets a lot of cash to put in the mattress where he or she can save it until the storm passes over so he can buy a lot of bargains. In other words he sells near the top so he can buy near the bottom. Call this guy your broker, your hedge fund manager, or your financial advisor. Continue Reading »

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December 17th, 2008


by Jack Torrance

Andrea Schiavoni and Sally Pope.

By means of shrewd lies, unremittingly repeated, it is possible to make people believe that heaven is hell — and hell heaven. The greater the lie, the more readily it will be believed.
–Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

What most people don’t realize about the Hamptons is that it was one of the few locations that voted for Herbert Hoover. Residents of Villages and Towns, which are now Republican bastions, were busy wringing their hands over the incursion made by candidates who they perceived as riding Obama’s coattails to victory. Stealing the Obama signs apparently didn’t work. Of course, the faulty logic in that mind game is that African- Americans or Latinos are not supposed to win anywhere. But, Sally Pope, a Democratic candidate for Town Board in Southampton Town, edged out a hand-picked Republican. Linda Kabot selected Dan Russo, on the instructions of the Republican Party after a real Primary, which ejected Skip Heaney as Supervisor last year.

Although Anna Throne-Holst is a Democrat, holding hands with Russo was more than a romantic problem. The supposed changes after Throne-Holst became the lone Democrat amounted to little more than misinformed press pieces given to that stellar media source and a misguided attempt at a “Green Law,” which was just another route for the Code Enforcement Police to get into your bedroom to check for illegal immigrants. Most of what Code Enforcement does is geared towards investigating people rather than correcting problems. If that were not the case, there would be a system in place to notify owners of problems needing to be corrected. Continue Reading »

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December 16th, 2008


by Christian McLean

It’s cold, it’s dark, and, like every year at this time, New Yorkers shed their sunny dispositions and brace for the long hard winter ahead. As we transcend from the communal “Oh, look at the leaves,” to the introverted “Leave me alone, I’m freezing,” some New Yorkers were willing to step out of their down-lined shells and share their early holiday wishes.

The Christmas Wish List; the stuff of dreams, a magical piece of paper that details the hopes and aspirations of good (and bad) little boys and girls across the world, was placed into the hands of New Yorkers and Hamptonites–but the wishes were not for themselves. In the true spirit of giving, we hit the streets, polled the public and compiled their list of gifts for the presidential and vice presidential candidates. Continue Reading »

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November 14th, 2008


by Joelle Panisch

Marcello Lucero.

Thanks to Michael O’Neill for the heads up.

The November 8th murder and alleged hate crime of 37 year-old Ecuadorian Marcello Lucero in Patchogue, LI, has garnered local and national review of Suffolk County policies and practices, especially regarding immigration. Allegations of the intentional denial of hate crimes and of legislation that some believe is knowingly designed with loopholes to allow for immigrant harassment and to veil racially motivated crimes has stemmed suppositions of impropriety among Suffolk County legislature and County Executive, Steve Levy.

Overt blame is hard to prove but Levy, in his second term, has long been scrutinized for stewing a climate of hate and potential attacks. Continue Reading »

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November 1st, 2008


by John Coakley

Governor Paterson recently told the Daily News that charities “are going to become the replacement for what government is supposed to do.” At the same time, Paterson is ruling out an increase in taxes on the wealthiest New Yorkers to help close the budget gap.

Oh really? Mary Brosnahan, Executive Director of the Coalition for the Homeless, put it best: “Apparently Governor Paterson’s version of shared sacrifice is similar to that of George Bush: demand sacrifice from the poor and nothing from the most affluent.” In other words, if you’re rich, maybe you should sacrifice a bit by paying more taxes since you aren’t in a position to need services like Medicaid, though apparently lots of other people do—applications increased by 30% between December of last year and April of this year. And that was before the economic crisis. In other words, this is not the best time to cut services across the board, especially if you aren’t going to raise taxes for those who can afford it.

90 non-profit agencies got together and sent Paterson this letter in response to his plans: Continue Reading »

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September 3rd, 2008


by Jack Torrance

As repressed sadists are supposed to become policemen or butchers so those with irrational fear of life become publishers.
–Cyril Connolly (1903-1974)

Westhampton Beach had its Village elections this past June and more attention was paid to the fact that the local synagogue wanted to construct an Eruv than any issues having to do with local governance. The Eruv, which outlines a path with pieces of black PVC piping on telephone poles, got everyone’s juices flowing. In addition to the public face of support by the Mayor, who is also the former Police Chief of Westhampton Beach, the Village Board had to give a good show to the press. In reality, racism and anti-Semitism run deep in the Hamptons and the election spawned spontaneous groups such as a “non-profit” organization that suddenly erupted out of nowhere; it sent mailings to every voter supporting the “Separation of Church and State”and apparently was organized to exist only long enough to get Teller reelected. While Teller is known among his friends to be anti-Semitic, anti-New Yorker, and against change of any sort, the fact that he is an aging cop who controls the police force through intimidation and threats of removal is not lost on those around him. Many local businesses are holding on by a thread and most are forced to close in the winter for lack of customers. Why? No support from local government. Continue Reading »

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September 3rd, 2008


by Sean Jaeger

Batten down the hatches, board up the windows, belt your butt to the mast.

It’s a perfect storm, an economic nor’easter, and like the actress said to the bishop, “Hang on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Some of the top economists in the country say this sucker of a storm isn’t going to blow over any time soon. In fact we are looking at years of low to negative growth. Some are not talking recession anymore. They are whispering warnings about the big “D” word. That’s D for depression, D for desperate times, D for drowning in debt, D for do you remember 1929? Continue Reading »

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August 15th, 2008


by John Coakley

Unity—maybe they weren’t at Diddy’s White Party, but they still rock the Hamptons.

So you have that share in the Hamptons. You love the water and the beach and the slower pace, and you want to get the most out of them since who knows if you’ll be able to afford this luxury next year. But you’re not so crazy about the night life. But why? What, you don’t like waiting in line for two hours to pay $12 for a Heineken and shuffle along to bad Justin Timberlake remixes just so that spray-tanned, hyper-blonde Marketing Associate might—just might—go home with you, providing your car is good enough? You don’t like that? What’s wrong with you?

Maybe you should do what the locals do and check out Unity at the Artful Dodger. Unity is a rock solid party band that plays the covers you want to hear—we’re talkin’ Low Rider, Sex Machine, Stand by Me, Moondance—you name it, they play it. No cover, no attitude, and you can get good beer for less than five bucks, not to mention a killer burger from neighboring Magic’s Pub. Welcome to the other Hamptons. You’re welcome.

8/16/8 @ 10pm
Artful Dodger
113 Main St (behind Magic’s Pub)
Westhampton Beach, NY

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June 23rd, 2008


by Amelia Bronsworth

Click here for the full – and first – scoop at

Hamptons Beach police responded to smoke and signs of a fire while patrolling in Westhampton Saturday morning at about 7:30 a.m.

Innitial reports indicate a gruesome scene. Lacyna Pawlak, 54, was found nearly beaten to death inside the burning cottage and her husband, Ryszard Pawlak, 58, hanging in the garage attached to the home. Police suspect Ryszard Pawlack of attempting to murder his wife, then deliberately setting the home ablaze before taking his own life.

Lacyna Pawlack was airlifted to Stony Brook Medical Center where she remains in critical condition, with a skull fracture and severe burns.

The couple emigrated from Poland and lived in Westhampton Beach for fifteen years. It is reported that they were living in the guest house of hedge fund mogul Leonard Conway and wife Kathryn Conway’s $39 million dollar mansion.

Police refused to offer further details to reporters from the Soho Journal, possibly due to our ongoing stories and investigations of Hamptons police.

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June 14th, 2008


by Joelle Panisch

The housing crisis has claimed a record number of victims, with foreclosure filings up about 50% from 176,137 in May of last year to 261,255, according to That works out to 1 in every 483 households. According to Rick Sharga, an expert for Money News, 50-60 percent of the borrowers will actually lose their homes—the rest will refinance.

The weak housing market, feeble sales, declining home values, and extremely conservative mortgage lending are not just a result but reciprocating factors in the slowing economy. Continue Reading »

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June 8th, 2008


by John Coakley

We all know that plastic water bottles are a colossal waste and that we should be bringing filtered water from home, kept in aluminum or glass bottles, with us when we go out into the world, right? We also know that old habits are hard to shake, and convenience often trumps responsibility—especially when it’s over 90 degrees outside and you want some cold water.

So until we kick that plastic habit, the very least we could do is support The Bigger Better Bottle Bill, which is working its way through the New York State Senate. The bill basically expands coverage of the five cent deposit program to include water, juice and other non-carbonated beverage containers. In the long run, this bill would: Continue Reading »

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May 15th, 2008


by John Coakley

Bikes rule. So do intact skulls, so wear a helmet, doofus.

This Friday is National Bike to Work Day. There are all kinds of reasons to bike to work Here are just a few:

* Less air pollution. Every gallon of gasoline we burn creates about 20 pounds of climate change-causing CO2.
* Shaping up. Casual biking burns about 173 calories per hour.
* Money. A typical U.S. family spends nearly $8,000 per year operating a car, while a bike might cost $50 for an annual tune-up.

And the most important reason: the more people who start riding bikes to their jobs, the smaller the percentage of people riding bikes as their jobs. Why does that matter? Because messengers and delivery folk are the ones most likely to give everyone else a bad name by going the wrong way down one way streets, running red lights, and giving pedestrians heart attacks by coming within 1/32 of an inch of us. I said most likely, not guaranteed, so all of you safety-minded pro bikers please put that angry-letter-writing-energy into getting your less responsible peers to grow up. And that is today’s rant. Thank you so much.

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May 11th, 2008


by You the Reader

Who: Long Island Civic Participation Project (LICPP), Long Island Immigrant Alliance, labor unions, religious
leaders and concerned citizens.

What: We will be holding vigils at Legislator Stern and Legislator Schneiderman’s offices to urge them to vote against IR1105 introduced by Legislator Beedenbender. This bill would require contractors to act as immigration police, facilitating discrimination and damaging the Suffolk County economy. Both Legislators are undecided about how they will vote on this bill.

When: Monday, May 12th, 2008

12pm – Huntington

1pm – Sag Harbor

– Concerned citizens will hold a prayer vigil in front of Legislator Stern’s office located at 1842 E. Jericho Turnpike, Huntington, NY 11743

Sag Harbor – Concerned citizens will hold the East End Solidarity Vigil in front of Legislator Schneiderman’s office located at 75 Washington Street, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Domenico Romero
Long Island Civic Participation Project
m. 347.387.2841

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May 9th, 2008


by Christopher A. Broich

What’s it like to be a cop in the Hamptons?

Well for one recently fired police sergeant in the Southampton Village Police Department it gets boiled down to dirty politics, incestuous relationships and incompetent leadership. For others its overtime pay on movie sets, $60,000.00 interest free loans from the mayor’s boss and fatherin- law, security side work at Bridgehampton POLO while on duty in Southampton Village and stock options in PVNX.PK Pure Vanilla Exchange. Great for some, not so great for others.

Lars King

During the search for outgoing Chief Sherry’s successor, one Village Trustee suggested that all six sergeants, two lieutenants and one captain be included in the pool of candidates. This notion was rebuked by Mayor “Romo” who insisted that Captain King, Lt. Wilson & Lt. Cummings be eligible for the exam. With a disregard for almost all points of order, Lars King was sworn in as Chief of Police two weeks before civil service exam results were even published! The best part is that new appointed Chief King failed. Lt.Cummings passed and Wilson’s name was marked absent. Lars King compared the failing grade to the analogy that most lawyers fail the Bar exam the first time. Continue Reading »

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May 9th, 2008


by Sean Jaeger

Too bad the phony patriots who are preaching prejudice and waving ragged flags in front of the Seven Eleven while stealing and soiling the glorious name of the minutemen can’t bother to read more of the document that those brave rebels fought and died for.

Remember the Declaration of Independence?

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness...note that the “pursuit of happiness” line didn’t say anything about barbed wire border fences. Continue Reading »

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May 9th, 2008


by Jack Torrance

Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects. Lester B. Pearson (1897 – 1972)

Two years after this magazine warned of the impending foreclosures that were going to happen, the Southampton Press has finally picked up on it.

Brokers still lie to customers but the protests about just exactly how weak the Hamptons real estate market is have evaporated. Brokers are still using the same routine in Manhattan–but that too will stop by year’s end. While oceanfront homes on Dune Road in Quogue have held their value, it will only take the folding of another major investment bank on Wall Street like Bear, Sterns to change that. For the multi-million dollar crowd in certain restricted areas like East Hampton or Southampton Village along Dune Road, the game is still active. Nothing is sacred beyond that. Continue Reading »

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May 9th, 2008


by Lawrence Pfeil Jr

Photo courtesy First Coastal Corporation (c) 2008

The image of a house bobbing helplessly on the waves adrift in the ocean that opens “Incredible Journey – The Story Of West Hampton Dunes” is both surreal and symbolic. From the awesome power of nature, to an erosive sea of self-serving politics, to the steadfast will and determination to survive in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, the image represents the influential forces that shaped, destroyed and ultimately rebuilt the barrier island protecting the Long Island coastline.

But this outstanding historical documentary is more than just a tribute to the tenacious men and women who saved their beach community. Continue Reading »

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May 9th, 2008


by Lawrence Pfeil Jr

Photo courtesy First Coastal Corporation (c) 2008.

While the beach erodes, lawyers argue over who is at fault and who should pay for the massive beach erosion caused by the groins (jetties) at Georgica that has devastated the beaches in Sagaponack and Bridgehampton. A parallel lawsuit was also filed about the erosion caused by the jetties that stabilize Shinnecock Inlet.

Even the casual visitor to the beaches of Sagaponack and Bridgehampton can see the results of long-term erosion. Gone are the wide beaches backed by sea green dunes covered in beach grass and present are the scars of fresh erosion that reaches into the mainland farm soils of Sagaponack. Continue Reading »

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