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December 21st, 2008


by You the Reader

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Dear SoHo Journal:

All those political know-it-alls you have writing for you over there and not one article on the Presidential election, WTF? Don’t you loud mouths have an opinion, or are you more comfortable just picking on the small time politicians, a council member here, a Hamptons mayor there, are you afraid to take on the big guys? Where’s MacPherson’s opinion on the state of the country, how about Tripp Plunkitt, certainly he’s got a thought or two on the current meltdown, and The Restless Miscreant and The Curmudgeon, those experts on everything must have something to say, or so I thought and then nothing, silence, not an Obama or McCain word to be had from any of you, come on people, I’ve been waiting to hear from all of you, at least a little something on the stock market and oil prices, something, anything, please!

Village Of Southampton

Editors Reply:

Dear Jane,

We take on the little guys to make sure they don’t become big guys. We try and expose a problem in the beginning, not fight it after it has tens of millions of dollars to fight back. And the Curmudgeon and the Miscreant both weigh in on the current situation both nationally and locally. MacPherson and Plunkitt are experts and concentrate on their areas of expertise, a practice I for one wish more people would exercise.

Dear SoHo Journal, Continue Reading »

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November 1st, 2008


by John Coakley

Governor Paterson recently told the Daily News that charities “are going to become the replacement for what government is supposed to do.” At the same time, Paterson is ruling out an increase in taxes on the wealthiest New Yorkers to help close the budget gap.

Oh really? Mary Brosnahan, Executive Director of the Coalition for the Homeless, put it best: “Apparently Governor Paterson’s version of shared sacrifice is similar to that of George Bush: demand sacrifice from the poor and nothing from the most affluent.” In other words, if you’re rich, maybe you should sacrifice a bit by paying more taxes since you aren’t in a position to need services like Medicaid, though apparently lots of other people do—applications increased by 30% between December of last year and April of this year. And that was before the economic crisis. In other words, this is not the best time to cut services across the board, especially if you aren’t going to raise taxes for those who can afford it.

90 non-profit agencies got together and sent Paterson this letter in response to his plans: Continue Reading »

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October 10th, 2008


by You the Reader

What if it was Bush asking for a third term?

Thanks to The Brooklyn Optimist for the heads up.

cc: Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Council Speaker Christine Quinn

Ronald Lauder

Dear Council Members:

What if President Bush had decided to amend the Constitution so that he could run for a third term? Surely, since 47 out of 51 of you are Democrats, this notion must be pretty frightening. Yet it is this concern that best sums up why we oppose the proposal before you to extend term limits.

Whether term limits are good for New York City is not an issue we care to argue. In the past 15 years, the voters of our City have twice decided that philosophical debate for themselves. In fact, it is as a result of their decision that most of you owe your current jobs. But now that you are on the verge of having to relinquish your power to a new generation of leaders, many of you are having second thoughts.

Surely, you can’t expect voters to interpret your motivations to extend term limits as anything but a self-serving power grab. Every dictator in world history faced with term limits has argued at the last minute of their reign that the political climate is so serious the people must keep them in power or else fear ruin. Well, New York City didn’t buckle when Mayor Giuliani tried to stay in office after 9/11. Now, we ask you to show the same courage and stand up to Mayor Bloomberg.

The people of New York need your help as City Council Members to protect our vote. The major newspapers, so many of our elected officials, and even Ron Lauder, once the foremost champion of term limits, have all abandoned us or cut backroom deals. You’re the last hope of the little guy. If you really think that New Yorkers want this change, then put Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal back on the ballot for referendum and let us decide.

We 35 members of the Brooklyn Democratic County Committee ran for office to be the voice of our neighbors and our communities. We thought you ran for office for the same reason. Here’s your chance to prove us right.

Sincerely, Continue Reading »

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May 20th, 2007


by You the Reader

soho_cover_ma07_big.jpgFeel free to voice an opinion on any subject; we want to hear what you have to say. Mail your thoughts and rants to:
Letters, c/o SoHo Journal, P.O. Box 1485 NewYork, NY 10013. Or email us at:

(Editor’s Note: This letter, written to a nationally syndicated reporter for Newsday, is being reproduced by permission of the author.)

Dear Mr. Henican:

I am writing this letter to you at the urging of activist Michael O’Neill for Sag Harbor, NY. Evidently, Mike thinks I might actually not be wasting my time but I am willing to try. I am an advocate for Martin Tankleff, a person falsely accused in 1988 (having just turned 17 years old!!!) of murdering his parents. I understand a listener to your radio show phoned in referring to the Tankleff case. Marty was convicted two years later on virtually no evidence of guilt while a much more logical suspect has been ignored by Suffolk County authorities to this very day! Marty, after being thrown in a maximum [security] prison as a mere child, has been incarcerated ever since, serving a fifty years to life sentence. Evidently, there was no media storm to prevent this travesty of justice as there was in the Duke lacrosse rape scandal. At the time, the news gatherers (including Newsday) chose not to let the truth get in the way of a really good story that sold a lot of newspapers. Imagine! A rich, spoiled Jewish Prince from Belle Terre brutally slays his parents because he doesn’t like the car he is driving???? Wow! What’s better than that?????????

Just for the record, I wrote a letter to Newsday protesting the way the Duke lacrosse players were being handled by so-called civil rights groups and by the media early on! Newsday actually printed it!!!!!! It is my belief that those boys, some of whom exercised extremely poor judgement in their partying habits, did not deserve to be found guilty of a gravely serious charge of rape for no other reason than they were rich, white and male. I never thought OJ Simpson should be found innocent of murder just because he was black either. I am a retired state police investigator who has investigated every conceivable type of felony crime including rape and murder. I believe that the accused should only be found guilty based on the actual facts of the case, not for political expediency. Continue Reading »

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March 21st, 2007


by You the Reader

Feel free to voice an opinion on any subject; we want to hear what you have to say. Mail your thoughts and rants to
Letters c/o SoHo Journal, P.O. Box 1485 New York, NY 10013
or email us at

Dear Editor:
I love your new logo. I saw the date for the last issue was January/ Febuary- is the SoHo Journal going to be coming 6 times a year?
Todd Smith
Varick Street

Editor’s response: Thank you for noticing. Comments, and especially compliments are always appreciated! And yes, we are bi-monthly now.

Dear Editor:
I picked up the January/ February issue of your magazine and was delighted to see such an honest discussion of SoHo politics. As a long-time resident of downtown Manhattan, I have seen my neighborhood change slowly but dramatically over the years; recently, however, it seems as if this process has been accelerated. Everywhere I turn there is a new, massive construction project in the works, and, very regrettably, fewer and fewer of those glorious NYC facades of which I have grown so fond. These days, my neighborhood is all new building sites, filled with generic, shiny glass condos and giant billboards.
Before I read your piece, I had only seen a few little blurbs about Trump coming to SoHo; now that I have finished reading and re-reading your article, I will be joining every community group to protest this eyesore. Trump’s building will undoubtedly mar the landscape of SoHho, cause increases in traffic in an area that is already always victim to major jams, thanks to the Holland Tunnel, and will continue to drive up rents.
I refuse to be another silent resident of this fabulous–but deteriorating–neighborhood. I can’t believe that, once again, local politicians have failed the residents of Soho by allowing this building to go up. Thank you, D. Clark MacPherson, for setting the record straight, and for motivating me to take action before another hideous Trump building further depreciates our skyline.
Mark Schwartz
Greene Street
Continue Reading »

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